5 Things to Expect at Customer Contact Week

5 Things to Expect at Customer Contact Week

Customer Contact Week (CCW) is a premier annual event that brings together industry professionals, thought leaders, and innovators in the customer experience and contact center space. Hosted in Las Vegas, Customer Contact Week provides an immersive platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and exploring the latest trends and technologies.  

We are excited to be a sponsor and always leave ready to elevate the experience for our clients and prospects in the contact center. Here are five things you can expect from Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas later this month.  

1. Inspiring Keynote Speakers at Customer Contact Week 

CCW attracts an impressive lineup of keynote speakers from within and outside the industry who are experts in the field of customer experience & beyond. The list of speakers this year at Customer Contact Week 2023 is impressive.  

Industry thought leaders from Talkdesk, Five9, Genesys, and others will share their insights, experiences, and predictions, offering attendees valuable knowledge and inspiration. Expect to hear from industry visionaries who have transformed customer contact strategies, pioneered innovative technologies, and successfully implemented customer-centric initiatives.  

The keynote sessions at CCW are designed to ignite your creativity and provide actionable takeaways that can drive meaningful change within your organization. This year CCW has elevated the experience with World Cup champion Abby Wambach, Grammy Award-winning artist Pitbull, ABC Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, Taco Bell CEO Mark King, and a star-studded lineup.  

It will be hard to choose between the inspirational, motivational, and industrial topics these speakers bring to the table this year. Being able to see several of these speakers in a decade is valuable, however, having them all in one place is transformative for individuals and companies alike.  

2. Interactive Workshops and Learning Opportunities 

Customer Contact Week offers diverse workshops and interactive learning sessions catering to various interests and skill levels. These sessions delve deep into the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills, explore artificial intelligence in customer service, or optimize your contact center operations, there’s a workshop tailored to your needs.  

This is where you can get hands-on guidance for your contact center, engage with industry experts, participate in hands-on exercises, and gain practical insights that you can apply directly to your organization. 

In addition to the break-out sessions each day, on Tuesday 6/20 there are 20 workshops across 5 tracks.  

3. Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase at Customer Contact Week 

One of the highlights of CCW is the technology showcase where leading vendors and solution providers exhibit their latest innovations. Expect to explore a wide array of cutting-edge technologies, such as chatbots, voice analytics, omnichannel platforms, workforce optimization tools, and more.  

The contact center industry has never seen innovation at the pace we have experienced over the past 5 years, and this showcase offers a unique opportunity to interact with industry experts, witness live demonstrations, and gain a deeper understanding of how these solutions can transform your customer contact operations.  

Whether you’re looking for customer service automation or advanced analytics, the technology showcase at CCW has you covered. This is your opportunity to see how to build a contact center of the future with these innovative solutions.  

4. Networking Opportunities At CCW  

CCW provides an exceptional platform for networking with professionals from various industries and backgrounds. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange ideas, and build connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences.  

Networking events, roundtable discussions, and social gatherings create a conducive environment for fostering relationships and discovering potential collaborations. Make the most of these opportunities to expand your professional network and gain valuable insights from peers who face similar challenges in their customer contact roles. 

5. Industry Insights and Trends 

Like anyone in any industry, we are often caught up working in the business that it is hard to work on the contact center. Attending CCW in Las Vegas will keep you updated on industry insights and trends. Explore the future of customer contact, including emerging technologies, evolving customer expectations, and transformative strategies. 

AI-powered everything will be the talk of Customer Contact Week, and this is our chance to engage in discussions on topics such as AI-powered chatbots, personalized customer journeys, data-driven decision-making, and the role of automation in contact centers.  

By staying informed about industry trends, you can adapt your customer contact strategies to meet evolving customer demands and gain a competitive edge in the market. 

Customer Contact Week Is a Must-Attend Event  

By attending CCW, you can elevate your customer contact strategies, learn from experts, and connect with peers who are equally passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience at Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas. 

Are you attending CCW?  

If you’re attending Customer Contact Week, we would love the opportunity to chat about your organization’s customer engagement strategy. Click here to schedule time with us or stop by booth #840 and say hi!