A Different Approach to Purchasing Technology — Managed Services

A Different Approach to Purchasing Technology — Managed Services
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We’ve blogged quite a bit this month comparing the traditional business and support model most phone system vendors follow and a new way to look at technology with managed services. More and more companies are demanding a more comprehensive, cost-effective approach to their communications. We’ve answered that call with our Managed Services programs. A quick comparison of the traditional model many phone vendors use and Managed Services.

Traditional Purchase:

The existing phone system is old, unsupported, too complex, and becoming more and more unreliable – let’s replace it.

Three phone system vendors are marched in, evaluated on features and cost, and one is selected.

In trade for a rather large bag of cash, the selected vendor installs and (hopefully) trains your staff. As time goes on, we hear from that vendor less and less (he has to go hunt down and kill another bag of cash).

Year 1: We’ve had some turnover and the new employees never go trained on the system – and all its wonderful features. Dang – back to hold and transfer. We need to make some minor changes to the programming, but we’re sick of getting “nickel and dimed” by our vendor, we can make due.

Year 2: More turnover, more employees only knowing how to hold and transfer. Our business model has changed considerably – It would be nice if the phone system could adapt to our business as opposed to us having to work around the phone system.

Year 3: We really would like to enhance mobility features for our mobile sales force, but we need a software upgrade. For the functionality gained, it’s too expensive. Again, we’ll make due. It turns out our system is no longer supported unless we get that software upgrade.

Year 4: Parts are failing, our business model is completely different, but the phone system is configured for our business 4 years ago, and more than half the people are only using the “hold and transfer” features. We haven’t heard from the vendor in over a year. We would program it ourselves but we lost the manual.

Year 5: Nobody knows how to use the system, it’s unreliable, parts are hard to find, it won’t do anything we want it to do (except the ring and dial out), and the manufacturer won’t support it (our vendor fell off the face of the earth), it’s unreliable, we hate it, it’s a boat anchor, time to replace it.

Let’s march 3 more vendors in here, give one of them a large bag of cash, and start all over!