A Quick Look At Our Industry-Leading Technology Partnerships

A Quick Look At Our Industry-Leading Technology Partnerships

We take our partnerships seriously. So when we bring on a new partner, we know that CX is in their DNA. There is no one solution or one company that checks all the boxes for our customers. That is why trusted partnerships with open APIs and great engineering are the present and future of the communications world. 

Today, there are more solutions and innovations than ever.  The great news is that InflowCX has already done the hard work for you and vetted the top industry leaders. 

Here is a list of the “who” in the contact center and unified communications industry.

Contact Center As A Service (CCaaS) Partners 


From SMB to Enterprise, Genesys delivers a robust contact center solution that scales with your business. Workforce engagement, ever-evolving AI, automation, customer journey management, and more. Genesys Cloud has a lot of what you need for contact center success. InflowCX is a Genesys Gold Partner and Implementation Partner of the Year.


Five9 has solutions for every industry. From automation to streamlining your processes and agent-centric solutions, Five9 has been a leader in CCaaS for decades. Innovation and automation are at the heart of Five9, and we see that trend continuing at a rapid pace. InflowCX is a Five9 Gold Partner of the Year and Certified Implementation Partner.


Whether your goal is to increase sales, assist agent workflow, optimize back office performance, or all the above, NICE CXone delivers on its goal of being a customer experience leader. With CXone, you can make experiences flow together for your customers and agents all on one platform. InflowCX is a NICE CXone Micro SI and Platinum Certified Implementation Partner.


Taking a proactive approach to customer experience, ujet creates a more natural conversation. Allowing customers to share pictures, videos, text, and more in real-time with the agent. Agents are able to expect customer needs based on blended channels like text, email, and calls. 

Unified Communications As A Service (UCaaS) Partners 


The company that kept us together during the pandemic is a major player in the unified communications world. Being able to engage with your customers and internal team, Zoom Phone has robust features that are pushing innovation in the UCaaS world. InflowCX is a Zoom Certified Implementation Partner.


When it comes to a complete collaboration tool for meetings, voice, and messaging, RingCentral MVP is a great solution. Layer in some of the CX solutions and RingCentral provides some contact center functionality from the UCaaS world. InflowCX is a RingCentral Premier Partner and Certified Implementation Partner.


MiVoice Business has been a go-to solution for many companies worldwide. Bringing on-premise functionality to the cloud, Mitel is a trusted name in unified communications. Their latest partnership with RingCentral means a wide range of possibilities for businesses. InflowCX is a Mitel Platinum Partner.


A UCaaS solution born in the cloud and used by over 2 million users daily 8×8 brings practicality and scalability for any sized business. Messaging, video conferencing, collaboration, SMS functionality, and more are at their platform’s heart. Set to scale and add functions as you grow your business. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has made a heavy investment in its UCaaS product. If you are using Office 365 then this comes included with that package. With a little help from our engineering team, Microsoft Teams can integrate with other systems with ease. Microsoft Teams is a powerful option in a remote world.


Integration and ease of use have placed Dialpad on our list of UCaaS partners, and that is the start. Video collaboration, CRM integrations, GSuite compatibility, and easy call routing make Dialpad a great UCaaS option.  

Workforce Management & Workforce Engagement For The Contact Center


Agent scheduling has always been and always will be what keeps contact center management up at night. Unless you have a solution in place for WFM. Layer in Quality Assurance tools, AI, CX metrics, and more and you have a powerful platform in Playvox. 


With customer retention and agent retention at an all-time high, Alvaria is here to help. Being able to deploy in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution makes Alvaria a flexible piece of the WFM, WEM & QA puzzle. 


Forecasting, scheduling, conversational AI, a frictionless customer experience. These seem like a wishlist, but these are all within reach when deploying Verint in your contact center. WFM is more than scheduling. It is managing the workforce and enabling them to deliver a unique customer experience. 

Contact Center Quality Assurance Specialist Partners


Rarely does a company’s name illustrate what they do, but Observe.ai delivers in the contact center. Utilizing powerful artificial intelligence, Observe.AI educates the agent while also learning from the customer. Cataloging and transcribing conversations alongside supplementing the customer journey. If QA and Agent Enablement were a couple, observe would be a power couple. 


The CallJourney platform combines customer analytics with artificial intelligence. With CallJourney in the contact center, you are able to analyze current conversations, learn from the past, and enhance QA in real-time. All while having on-demand analytics on your dashboard.   


There are a lot of ways that customers can contact you: SMS, email, social media, chatbots, or the traditional phone call to name a few. CallMiner captures, learns from, and enhances those conversations with their omnichannel solution. 

Level AI

Improving the customer experience, gathering customer feedback on your product, and enhancing the relationship with customers are a few of the many benefits of deploying Level AI in a contact center. With customizable scorecards for QA and the ability to dial in agent-assist, this platform has the options to make it a one-of-a-kind solution. 


Deploying AI for customer service is a great feature to have. Enhancing the EQ (emotional quotient) between your sales team and prospect with Uniphore can increase revenue and strengthen relationships.  

Automation & Agent Assist Partners In The Contact Center 


Having the ability to resolve Tier 1 customer support issues while freeing up your agents to focus on the more complex resolutions your customer demands is the starting point for Replicant. Automation in the contact center can reduce handling time, and ensure that your customer never has to wait again. 


Enhancing customer experience, capturing more sales revenue, and being available 24/7 are a few reasons why contact centers are adopting automation. With Ada that is possible through predictive response and conversational AI.


Automation and self-service have come a long way in the past decade and feel very different than before. Think of Pypestream as a “choose your adventure” automation tool that always ends favorably for you and the customer. Through AI, data, and learning the customer guides their way to their resolution.  


Zowie is an AI-powered chatbot that identifies sales opportunities while offering guidance and support in the contact center. With hundreds of answers to FAQs out of the box, you can onboard in days not months, and have Zowie begin learning from day one of deployment. 


Having the right answer at the right time every single time is hard to replicate. Shelf.io gets you where you need to be and what your customer expects. Deliver fast accurate answers using the knowledge you have gained and are gathering on every interaction. 

We Do Play Favorites In The UCaaS and CCaaS World 

Our favorite solution is the one we put together for your business. We know that there is no out-of-the-box solution with one company or platform. Each one has functionality that is similar and also unique. 

With our customer-centric approach, we take time to learn about your business needs and pain points. Our commitment to you is to never lead with one solution. Contact us today so you can see how we take a completely different approach to CCaaS and UCaaS.