Chris Sheehan: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for September 2021

Chris Sheehan: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for September 2021

Meet Chris Sheehan, Inflow’s Core Value Hero for September 2021!

Chris Sheehan is one of our talented Project Managers here at Inflow. Chris has been with Inflow for over 4 years and plays a vital part in helping customers bring their projects to life.

Here are a few fun facts about Chris:

Chris Sheehan: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for September 2021

What’s your favorite vacation memory?

My favorite memories are of our yearly family trips in Eastern Washington at a place called Boyer Park. I would spend time with grandparents, uncles/aunts, & Cousins. We would go boating and fishing.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

A perfect day would be out fishing with my friends.

What’s your favorite thing about your career or working at Inflow?

My favorite part about working at Inflow is my fellow employees. Everyone is great to work with and they are really like family to me.

Check Out What Chris’s Co-Workers Had to Say

“ Chris continues to go above and beyond on his daily duties. He constantly is looking for ways to improve processes and procedures even if it doesn’t directly touch his team.”

“Chris always goes above and beyond helping with both internal staff questions or customer needs. Chris never hesitates to help when he can. ”

“Chris Sheehan is the embodiment of go above and beyond then go further. I can not count how many times Chris has jumped in to help with customer needs all while thinking of the engineer and what is being asked of them. His attention to detail, compassion, and empathy helps keep projects running smoothly. Chris is always looking to help and always finds a way to make any situation better. When I think of the inflow spirit Chris is always at the forefront of that. ”

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