Contact Center – The Art of Reporting

Contact Center – The Art of Reporting
By Chris Recio, Dir. Contact Center & Advanced Applications

In my years of meeting with customers who maintain contact centers, there are often asked questions: “What reports should I be using when managing my contact center? What metric would point to a staffing problem? What is the industry standard for X metric?” and much more.

While there are a variety of common metrics used within every contact center – and you are probably aware of most of them – there is no set standard of metrics that must be used in any one contact center. There are general use guidelines for certain metrics that are the foundation of every contact center.

In my experience, many users see performance numbers as black-and-white, but the metrics themselves are meaningless without taking the additional time to explore what those numbers might be trying to tell us. Contact Center reporting metrics are simply the numeric results and symptoms of every contact center operation. Giving enough thought, time, and exploration will always point to underlying opportunities for improvement.

In this short series, we will look at common contact center metrics, along with taking a deeper look at the possible root cause that might be affecting agent performance, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and business profitability – and yes, we will highlight a few industry-suggested guidelines for different metrics.

Years ago I heard this analogy – “The most challenging part of running a contact center exists at the crossroads of where ART meets SCIENCE.”

There is no truer statement about contact center reporting. Technology can solve many problems, but technology alone cannot be the sole driver in any contact center operation. With reporting, it is definitely the ART of INTERPRETATION.

Careful thought, consideration, and ability to analyze and align statistical data to the business drivers of any operation is a skill unto itself.

The most successful contact center managers take into account the data, the metrics, the performance, and the psychology of the contact center for achieving the best possible results in their contact centers. They also understand how to weave a business-wide story of the operation to satisfy many facets of the business, not just the contact center itself.

The job of managing any contact center is a difficult job. It entails logic, common sense, motivational leadership, psychology, and a bit of PI work – Private Investigation. Most anything we do involves a level of psychology and a keen sense of focus on details and creativity.

While I am often asked “What are the key metrics I need to be reviewing in my call center?” which is indeed a fair question, few ask the more necessary question “What are the details suggesting in my specific operation?”

Every Monday next month, we will be covering the KPIs that most every contact center utilize, along with the industry stated guidelines. Keep in mind, they are simply a guideline. You will want to tailor your KPI specifically to your industry and environment.

This series includes the following:

  • Contact Center Metrics – Setting the Foundation
  • Contact Center Metrics – Vicious Cycles
  • Contact Center Metrics – Applications & Workflow Management
  • Contact Center Metrics – Agent Attentiveness & Retention

Make sure to check back on the blog each Monday in June to learn more about these topics related to reporting. At Inflow Communications, we are always looking for application nuances that dramatically impact operational efficiencies for the contact center. We look for creative ways to marry the operational needs with technology. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals with common sense and practical applications.

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