Creating Simplicity in Network Implementation and Expansion

Creating Simplicity in Network Implementation and Expansion
Experience freedom from networking limitations with new network infrastructure deployment solutions from Inflow Communications.

Aerohive Networks, a leading wireless networking provider and Inflow Communications technology partner, is forging a new path in network infrastructure with the core principle that a wireless network can provide pervasive access to all users AND be easy to setup and maintain.

One of the new technologies that has emerged from these efforts is the HiveManager software, a cloud-based application suite that allows IT and management personnel access to systems anywhere there is a network connection. HiveManager is a user friendly, comprehensive application that provides administrators real time information on various network statistics, such as network integrity and performance issues.

With HiveManager’s online dashboard application visibility, IT administrators can easily view all usage on the network and can immediately respond to network performance issues as they arise. With a simple design, HiveManager offers the power of complete configuration on broad scale network deployments without requiring intensive training to operate.

Network resource delegation, SSID management, user access and restrictions, client information, network integrity, performance, and more can be managed via a simple user interface. No need to call for technicians to manage complex configurations, as HiveManager gives you the control you want, so you can keep moving forward with the things that matter most.

Inflow Communications offers you a new way of thinking about network deployment and control, and brings power to your organization through our Aerohive partnership.

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