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Stanton Smith, Vice President of CX Technology Consulting at InflowCX

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How Automation & AI Can Enhance Your CX Ecosystem
In this video, we discuss different use cases of automation and AI in the contact center space and how you can use it to fit your company's specific needs.
Genesys Admin Training: External Tags VS Flow Outcomes
In this video, we discuss the differences between using external tags vs flow outcome variables to track call paths in a multi-path flow.
Fireside Chat: Unlocking Contact Center Insights With Conversation Analytics
Join Adam Rennert, President of InflowCX, and Paul Humphrey, CEO of Call Journey for a deep dive into interaction analytics and its ability to unlock valuable operational and performance insights for your call center. This interactive discussion covers the core benefits of implementing a dedicated conversation analytics platform, exploring topics such as root cause analysis of your most essential measures, and creating operational efficiencies leveraging the lived experiences of your agents and customers.
The Future of Customer Experience: Exploring the Possibilities with Genesys DX
Whether you’re looking to revolutionize your customer experience, explore the future of CX, or optimize your contact center operations, Genesys DX may be the solution for you. Genesys DX is a customer experience management platform that enables companies to move the customer experience beyond transactional chat interactions to deliver intuitive conversations through the power of AI. In this video, we share insights, tips, and best practices for using Genesys DX to drive results and help you unlock the full potential of this powerful platform
Genesys Admin Training: WFM – Scheduling Business Units
In this Genesys Admin Training, we demonstrate how to create a workforce management schedule without a forecast in Genesys Cloud.
Can I Bring My Own Carrier to Genesys Cloud?
In this video, we discuss how you can bring your own carrier to Genesys Cloud and items to keep in mind when considering this solution.
Transform Your Contact Center with InflowCX’s Consulting Practice
On this episode of The Inflow Experience Podcast, we’re joined by John Glantz, VP of Consulting Services at InflowCX, to discuss our transformational consulting practice for contact centers. John shares insights on the benefits of InflowCX’s consulting services, including how they help organizations improve customer experience, increase employee engagement, and drive business outcomes. John also delves into the key indicators that InflowCX uses to identify areas for improvement in contact centers, including customer feedback, operational data, and employee feedback. He explains how these indicators can help organizations identify opportunities to optimize their contact center operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a contact center leader looking to improve performance or an organization seeking to transform your customer experience, this episode provides valuable insights into the power of consulting services from InflowCX. Tune in to learn more about their approach and how it can benefit your business.
Genesys Admin Training: Dynamic Prompts with TTS Options
In this video, we demonstrate building a data table to allow for Dynamic prompts with TTS options within a call flow on Genesys Cloud.
Is Outsourcing Right For You?
If you’re facing increased struggles and labor shortages in your contact center, then it may be time to consider an outsourcing solution. In this video, we dive into everything you need to know about BPOs, options with labor outsourcing as well as considerations to keep in mind when deciding if this solution is right for you.