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Stanton Smith, Vice President of CX Technology Consulting at InflowCX

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Revolutionizing Utility Services: Add a Jolt to Your CX
In this video, you'll learn about the significance of experience orchestration in utility agencies, how to leverage customer insights for personalized experiences in the utility sector, and more!
Navigating the Conversational Frontier: A Chatbot Series
Join InflowCX and Zoom for a three-part webinar series designed to take your chatbot to the next level. In this first session, Vanessa Van Arsdale, Chatbot Automation Expert at Zoom guides you on a strategic journey into the essentials of chatbot implementation. From aligning business goals to choosing the right platform, this webinar provides a comprehensive overview to guide your decision-making process. Join us for a session that goes beyond the surface, setting the foundation for a successful chatbot integration.
Navigating The Journey From Avaya To Genesys
Ready to future-proof your contact center? In this video, we guide you through the intricacies of migrating from Avaya to Genesys. Discover how this migration can unlock new possibilities for customer engagement and operational efficiency. Plus, you’ll gain strategic insights, practical tips, and a roadmap for a successful transition. Be at the forefront of the contact center evolution!
Fireside Chat: How the Public Sector is Modernizing it’s CX Strategy
Join industry experts Steven Boberski, Public Sector Field CTO of Genesys and Mike Dolloff, CRO of InflowCX as they discuss the power of technology in enhancing CX strategy within the public sector. In this video, you’ll discover how to leverage innovative approaches such as cloud migration, AI, self-service, and automation to take your contact center to the next level.
Mastering Toll-Free Number Management in Your Contact Center
Are you looking to take ownership and control of your toll-free numbers to enhance your customer service capabilities? In this video, you'll discover how ATLaaS can empower you to become an independent RespOrg, gaining authoritative ownership and control of your toll-free numbers.
Revamping Your IVR for a Seamless Customer Experience
Join Austin Culp, Director of Sales at Inflow CX, and Mike Dolloff, Chief Revenue Officer, in this episode of the Inflow Experience podcast. They dive into the frustrations customers face when interacting with IVRs, shedding light on the disconnect between self-service and agent-assisted channels. Discover why it's crucial for organizations to reassess their IVR systems, exploring strategies for a smoother customer journey and a more efficient contact center. Don't miss out on practical insights for optimizing IVR functionality and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Tune in now!
Genesys SMS Outbound Campaigns Preparedness – Best Practices & Key Things You Need to Know
In this video, we guide you through the mechanics of these campaigns, share valuable best practices, and shed light on canned and auto-responses. Additionally, you will gain insights into the intricacies of 10DLC registration and much more!
Harnessing Automation and Conversation Intelligence to Alleviate Frustrating Customer Experiences
In this episode of the Inflow Experience Podcast, host Austin Culp introduces a new series called "Monday Morning Quarterback." The concept revolves around dissecting frustrating customer experiences to uncover opportunities for improvement. Joined by guest Kyle Steele, they dive into Kyle's recurring prescription hassle with a renowned pharmacy chain. The conversation unfolds to explore how automation and conversation intelligence can revolutionize customer interactions. Co-host for this series, Mike Dolloff, Chief Revenue Officer at InflowCX, sheds light on the power of data-driven insights in enhancing customer experiences. Tune in to discover how businesses can leverage technology to drive customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Mitel MiVoice Connect End of Life: Exploring Your Alternatives
Join us as we dive into the implications of the MiVoice Connect End of Life announcement made by Mitel on July 7th, 2023. This announcement marks a crucial turning point for businesses utilizing the MiVoice Connect platform and calls for informed decision-making and transformational strategies. In this video, we explore the potential challenges it poses as well as the opportunities it presents for your organization’s transformation journey. You’ll also learn how InflowCX can help guide your organization in an unbiased, data-driven process to identify and select the right technology and operational solutions to meet your goals.