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Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE CXone

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Leveraging Outsourcing & Automation to Enhance Your CX | The Inflow Experience Podcast
In this episode, the Adam Rennert, Mike Dolloff, and Austin Culp of the InflowCX team talk about labor challenges in the contact center, agent satisfaction, and the pros and cons of leveraging outsourcing and automation to enhance your customer and agent experience.
Key Considerations For A Healthy Contact Center
In this video, we discuss important factors to consider when evaluating your contact center’s business objectives.
Microsoft Teams and RingCentral Integration
In this video, we discuss how to integrate Microsoft Teams with your RingCentral platform.
Genesys Admin Training: Automatic Agent Check
In this video, we go over how to build an automatic agent check in Genesys Architect.
Guest: Colin Kennedy, COO at Shelf
In this episode, Colin and Austin discuss how knowledge management has changed to meet agent and customer needs, why you should consider a knowledge management strategy, and the impact of AI in contact centers.
Genesys Admin Training: Building Flows with Schedule Checks
In this video, we walk you through building inbound call flows with schedule checks.
Genesys Cloud Call Queues & Scheduling
In this video, we walk you through call queues and scheduling within Genesys Cloud.
How Genesys Cloud Integrates with Salesforce
In this video, we walk you through how to use the Genesys Cloud Salesforce integration plug-in.
Migrating to the Cloud with Genesys
In this video, we have Genesys presenting the value you can provide to your business and your customers in moving from a premise to cloud contact center.