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Transforming E-commerce CX: Aterian's Journey with Genesys Cloud

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Part 1 – Transforming Customer Experience with AI: The Bakkt Story of Partnership and Innovation
Join us for a Fireside Chat as we explore the transformative journey of Bakkt, a company at the forefront of the crypto economy, in redefining customer experience through cutting-edge AI technology. This exclusive event brings together key stakeholders—Bakkt, Level AI, and Inflow CX—to share their collaborative success story. Key Highlights: The Power of Partnerships: Uncover how strategic consulting partnerships played a crucial role in defining Bakkt's goals, simplifying the vendor selection process, and ensuring alignment with top technology providers in the financial services sector. Strategic Decision-Making: Explore Bakt’s decision-making process that led to the selection of a trusted consulting partner and an AI technology solution, marking a pivotal moment in Bakkt's innovative journey. Operational Transformation: Gain insights into the challenges Bakkt faced, the strategic goals set to achieve scalability through technology, and the impressive results of these initiatives. AI Technology Differentiation: Learn about the distinguishing features of chosen AI technologies, including approaches that prioritize “real AI”, adapt to future needs, and deliver significant ROI. Achieving Tangible Results: Discover the benefits Bakkt has experienced by implementing cutting-edge AI solutions, from improved call type and agent performance analysis to deeper customer insights, all achieved with enhanced operational efficiency. The Reality of AI in Customer Experience: Participate in a straightforward discussion on the actual impact of AI in customer experience, addressing common misconceptions and emphasizing the importance of selecting appropriate technology partners for long-term success. This is a must-watch for leaders and innovators in customer experience, financial services, and AI technology sectors. Whether you're embarking on your AI journey or looking to elevate your current strategies, gain invaluable insights and advice from those who've successfully navigated the path of AI-driven transformation.
Decoding IVR Design: A Guide to Creating Seamless Call Experiences
IVRs play a crucial role in enhancing customer interactions, but their effectiveness hinges on thoughtful design and implementation. In this 30-minute video, our experts guide you through the essential steps of getting started with IVRs, from preparing for call flow design to identifying key stakeholder roles. You'll gain invaluable insights into what to expect during the IVR implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition for your organization. Moreover, we explore best practices for IVR design, including dos and don'ts that can make or break customer satisfaction. Learn how to tailor your IVR system to meet reporting needs effectively while future-proofing it against technological advancements. Whether you're new to IVRs or seeking to optimize your existing system, this video is your comprehensive guide to mastering IVR design and creating seamless call experiences for your customers.
Fireside Chat: Modernizing the Member Experience in Credit Unions
Join us for an engaging fireside chat led by InflowCX, in collaboration with Zoom, tailored specifically for credit unions seeking to enhance their member experience. In this insightful session, industry experts discuss essential strategies and technologies necessary to modernize, innovate, and scale your contact center effectively. Whether you're grappling with legacy systems, striving to enhance member experiences, or aiming to optimize operational efficiency, this video will provide valuable insights and actionable takeaways. From leveraging advanced communication tools to harnessing data-driven insights, discover how to elevate your credit union's contact center to meet the evolving needs of today's members.
Fireside Chat: Navigating Outsourcing Partnerships
In this video, our seasoned panelists from InflowCX and Assembled share valuable insights on effective oversight and governance strategies, highlighting the key challenges faced and considerations to keep in mind throughout your outsourcing journey. From scalability to supplier selection, they discuss the nuances of working with boutique versus general suppliers, unpacking the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your outsourcing practices or exploring new avenues for business growth, this video promises to offer practical wisdom and actionable strategies to elevate your outsourcing initiatives. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from industry experts.
Redefining Customer Experience: The Power of AI in Quality Management
In this video, we explore AI-powered quality management and its transformative role in contact centers. We discuss the capabilities of automation in streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and maintaining superior service standards. Plus, you’ll discover how AI is revolutionizing quality assurance practices, enabling contact centers to identify insights, optimize operations, and foster continuous improvement effortlessly.
Genesys Admin Training: Leveraging Common Modules
In this video, our experts cover troubleshooting flows using common modules in Genesys Cloud. Discover firsthand how to harness common modules to diagnose and resolve flow-related issues with precision. Plus, you'll gain practical tips and insights to elevate your contact center's efficiency. Don't miss out on this opportunity to refine your Genesys Cloud system and streamline operations.
Unlocking Contact Center Excellence: Harnessing Insights with InflowCX Managed Services
In this video, we discuss the transformative potential of InflowCX Managed Services. We also explore our comprehensive suite of insights designed to elevate your operations towards excellence, including quarterly and annual performance reports as well as technology configuration assessments that offer a panoramic view of your contact center’s landscape. Discover why partnering with a Managed Services provider like InflowCX is pivotal for optimizing your contact center’s potential and ensuring seamless customer interactions. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain strategic insights and elevate your contact center performance to new heights.
Transforming E-commerce CX: Aterian’s Journey with Genesys Cloud
Join us for an insightful interview with Lori Lovric, Head of Customer Service at Aterian, a leading consumer product platform. Discover how Aterian tackled system challenges and embraced Genesys Cloud for superior customer service. Lori shares valuable insights into overcoming migration hurdles, leveraging Genesys Cloud digital channels, and solving critical business problems with the help of InflowCX. See how Aterian is thriving with Genesys and InflowCX, and gain actionable recommendations for your own customer experience transformation journey.
Mastering the CCaaS Transition: Transforming Pandemic-Induced Decisions into Strategic CX Excellence
In the throes of the pandemic, many businesses hastily transitioned to cloud contact centers to facilitate remote work. However, the speed at which this transformation occurred often led to unforeseen challenges. In this session, we explore real-world scenarios of organizations that rushed into a cloud contact center during the pandemic and how they are solving for instability, quality issues, and disrupted customer interactions. Join us for an insightful discussion and gain actionable strategies to transform rushed decisions into a strategic advantage for your contact center, fostering improved quality, innovative customer experiences, and long-term success.