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Stanton Smith, Vice President of CX Technology Consulting at InflowCX

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Migrating to the Cloud with Genesys
In this video, we have Genesys presenting the value you can provide to your business and your customers in moving from a premise to cloud contact center.
Guest: Stanton Smith, Senior Director of Consulting Services at InflowCX
In this episode, our guest is Stanton Smith, Senior Director of Consulting Services at InflowCX. We talk with Stanton about how InflowCX is helping clients realize a return on their customer experience investment, who should be involved in the contact center decision-making process, and more!
Mitel’s UCaaS Partnership with RingCentral
In this video, you will learn about Mitel's exclusive partnership with RingCentral, how it impacts their product offerings, and a Q&A session that answer's a lot of questions.
How to Use Genesys Cloud Call Recording & Interactions
Join our certified Genesys engineers to learn about best practices for call interactions, call recording, storage, data pulls, and more with your Genesys Cloud contact center.
Guest: Ken Smith, CEO of InflowCX
In this episode, we talk about Ken's journey into the contact center industry, balancing customer and partner relationships, engaging client stakeholders in a contact center evaluation, and more.
Using Microsoft Teams as Your PBX
In this video, we will share the options for incorporating Teams into the PBX portion of your Unified Communications strategy.
Genesys Dialog Engine & Conversational AI
In this session you will learn how Dialog Engine Bot Flows simplify creating and orchestrating voicebot and chatbot conversations with a simple drag and drop interface built directly into the Genesys environment. Including the latest release that added Intent Miner, a differentiating capability for automatically surfacing intents from conversations, as well as better integration with Genesys Knowledge.
How to Use the Mitel Connect Browser Extension for Google Chrome
In this video, we will show you how to use the Google Chrome browser extension for Mitel Connect.
The Zoom Contact Center Story
As the rapid adoption of Zoom as their preferred UCaaS solution of choice, our customers have been interested to learn what our Contact Center vision is for today and the future. Not surprising given Zoom's desire to both innovate as well as our well-established partnership vision with the leading CCaaS providers, Zoom is committed to offering a Best-of-Breed experience for our customers regardless of their CCaaS needs.