Empowering Your Salesforce CRM To Become A Customer Retention Manager

empowering your crm
Empowering Your Salesforce CRM To Become A Customer Retention Manager

Empowering Your Salesforce CRM To Become A Customer Retention Manager

By Chris Mitchell, Chief Technology Officer

Tell us if this sounds familiar to you. You contact a company, let’s say the electric company for help on your bill because you forgot to pay it. You explain what you need help with to Paul who says he understands your concern and can get you the help you need. He then transfers you to Jackie, who you have to explain the issue to again.

Now chances are Jackie can handle exactly what you need but your kid just spilled milk on the carpet and you have to go. You call back in and Jenny answers, and then transfers you back to Paul’s department but instead Lloyd answers. Now you have to explain for a third & fourth time what you are calling about. This sounds insane, not the kid part that’s normal, explaining yourself 4 times that is the insane part. However, this happens every day over and over again. Awareness is the first step in acknowledging we have a Customer Experience problem in the Contact Center.

There Is A Better Way To Leverage Salesforce To Enhance The Customer Experience In The Contact Center

Now let’s imagine your call happening like this. When you dial into the electric company, before Paul, Lloyd, Jackie, Jenny, or whoever answers behind the scenes the CRM has already matched your number to your account. Through optimizing features in Salesforce and Genesys Cloud your call is routed to the correct agent in the correct department who can help you right away.

Sound like Nirvana? The ability to marry analytics, data, customer information and predictive intelligence is here. All of us deserve this experience as customers in 2020 and beyond. The great news is that ability is here right now.

Salesforce Features For The Contact Center Are Extremely Underutilized

When it comes to utilization of the almost endless functionality of a powerful CRM like Salesforce we have found that most Contact Centers are harnessing below the 50% mark. At Inflow we ourselves use Salesforce, it is powerful. However, it is only powerful when it is fully understood and implemented correctly.

Unless you have a full-time team dedicated to Salesforce for your Contact Center then chances are there are a lot of features you’re missing out on. Like a good tag team partner in the ring, Inflow comes in where Salesforce support falls short and can bring you home. We put together some of the top ways you can harness the power of Salesforce in your Contact Center and give your agents and your customers back their most valuable asset, TIME.

Salesforce With Genesys Cloud Is A Powerful Combination In Your Contact Center

The base plugin for Genesys Cloud already exists and has a lot of features:

  • Get account by account number
  • Get account/contact by phone number
  • Get contact by email
  • Create your own custom actions & queries
  • Pull any Salesforce field data once you find a contact or account utilizing one of the base plugin capabilities

Empowering Your Salesforce CRM To Become A Customer Retention Manager

Customizing The Customer Experience With Genesys PureCloud And Salesforce

Once you have the base plugin installed properly you immediately have the power to create a customer experience in your Contact Center that will alleviate frustration for your customer and your agents. Some of the many use cases would be:

  • Past due balance, route to the billing deptartment
  • Car dealers: auto lookup recall info based on VIN and phone number
  • Repo: VIN lookup on phone call for past due payments
  • Route calls based on the last person that modified the CRM record
  • Support Department: Route calls to the last agent the caller worked with on a ticket
  • Banks: Call into loan department – route you to the loan officer working on the caller’s loan application

Genesys PureCloud And Salesforce Practicing What We Preach

We love educating and implementing all of the beautiful features that exist with Genesys Cloud and Salesforce. However, this isn’t something we just teach and preach. We live this every single day and many of our customers have benefited from what we implement ourselves. Some of the ways we use this integration at Inflow would be:

  • Assigned CSM to inbound phone call using a custom query.
    • In plain English that means grab the caller id and lookup who the account is assigned to, then route the call appropriately
  • Lookup support team to route call to frequently used support team member
  • Query by phone number to see if the caller is a customer or prospect and route to the appropriate team

Building The Best Customer Experience In The Contact Center With The Right Partner

You can get all the lumber, nails, nuts, bolts and tools you need to build a house, however without an experienced Carpenter then all of that goes unused or underutilized. This happens far too often for our liking in the Contact Center space. We can be the Architect, Carpenter and everything in between for you and your team. Find out how we can help take your Customer Experience from good to great by getting the most out of your platforms and integrations.