End of Life News For Popular ShoreTel Switches


End of Life News for Popular ShoreTel Switches

By Chris Mitchell, Vice President of Solution Architecture


One change that was in the works well before the Mitel acquisition that got little fanfare was the announcement of End of Life for some older (but popular) ShoreTel switches. These switches went End of Sale back in 2009, and were first on the market in 2003 – so they had a good run!

Here are the switches that are affected:

  • SG-40
  • SG-60
  • SG-120
  • SG-T1 (not the SG-T1k!)
  • SG-E1

End of Life News For Popular ShoreTel Switches

As of January 1, 2018, this means the following regarding these appliances. The quotes are from the ShoreTel announcement on this (PDF below, our emphasis added):

  • “End of Life (EoL) means that support renewals will no longer include the affected products, software updates and bug fixes will no longer be provided, and RMAs for hardware will not be issued.”
  • “Note that affected products will not be compatible with versions of ShoreTel Connect ONSITE software released after the EoL date.Specifically, firmware images and all references to affected products will be removed from Connect Director.

ShoreTel’s Full EoL Release Details: Click Here to Read

What this Means for You

  • As you are renewing support after Jan 1, 2018, these EoL switches will be removed from your support renewal.
    • Until your current support expires, if you have EoL switches that are under support those will still be eligible for RMAs.
  • As part of the Connect upgrade readiness process, you will want to make sure that a replacement plan is in place for the EoL switches as they are not “compatible” with Connect builds released after Jan 1, 2018.
  • If you are currently on version 13 or 14, ShoreTel hasn’t specifically announced any compatibility issues with those EoL switches on those version.
    • Note that ShoreTel is ending development on 14.2 by June 30, 2018. “Effective July 1st , 2018, ShoreTel will no longer sell or provide updates or bug fixes for ShoreTel 14.2 software.” The version still will be a supported version, however.

But Have No Fear!

Inflow has a Switch Refresh Program in place to help customers with this transition. Please reach out to your sales contact for any questions or more details about the program. If you don’t know where to turn please click here to contact us or call (844) 4-INFLOW.