Five9 Brings All The Contact Center Buzzwords To Life

Five9 Brings All The Contact Center Buzzwords To Life
If you spend any time looking into solutions for your contact center you will quickly be overwhelmed by buzzwords. AI for the contact center, customer experience in the contact center, agent experience, business agility and so much more. You will feel like you just got off a call with our very own Mike Dolloff!

While buzzwords are catchy, there are a lot of companies in the contact center space that have no substance behind them. When it comes to Five9 contact center solutions they not only back up their words with solutions, Five9 has paved the way with innovation for the majority of the terms we use. In short, you can’t discuss cloud contact centers without first talking about Five9.

Call Center or Contact Center, Whatever The Term Du Jour It Is About Digital Engagement

However your customer chooses to contact your organization, it can be summarized as digital engagement. While a phone call may not be considered a digital interaction, it is digital as much as any other method. Most likely the call originates from a digital device, routed to your agent’s desktop or digital device, with all of the accompanying analytics and digital touchpoints. So maybe the only thing keeping us from thinking about a phone call as analog is our dogma?

A phone call, chat, instant messaging, social media, text messaging, email. The list is long and only getting longer on ways we can engage with our customers, and all of this is digital or should be in today’s world. Being able to intelligently route those conversations, however, they are happening to the right person is what AI is meant to do.

Whether it is voice or email Five9 can help you route the requests for the fastest resolution. The last thing a customer wants to hear is “I need to transfer you to another department”. The last thing your agents want to do is transfer them to another department because they know that isn’t great service, or what your customer wants to hear. Through IVR & Virtual Agents this is a thing of the past.

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Replacing Agents In The Contact Center It Is ENHANCING The Experience

Something you will never hear from us at Inflow is this idea that there is an “either-or” decision to be made when it comes to contact center solutions. You will often hear “and”. The narrative that it is either AI or human agents or bots. NO! It is AI AND Agents AND bots AND intuitive proactive solutions.

Artificial Intelligence can replace an Agent where Agents are not needed. Do you think your rock star reps want to answer the same questions 60 times per day? No, they would like to dive into the complex issues your customer is having, or talk about other services you can provide to strengthen your relationship with them. Why not have AI take all of the mundane tasks away from your rock stars so they can do exactly that?

With Agent Assist, Conversational AI, Agent Assist and so many other solutions from Five9 this is how you can streamline your processes and empower your agents to focus on what they do best: Customer Experience. If you can take away the monotonous repetitive nature of traditional contact center work, then you have created an Agent Experience that will help you retain employees and customers alike.

Customer Experience In The Contact Center With Five9

Are you truly connecting with your customers in your contact center or are you just checking the boxes on how they can communicate with your company? Think about that, can they contact your company how they want to, or are they forced into only a few methods?

Utilizing social, video, chat, and text is a checklist that you can use, and every time you check a box you get closer. However, the experience of each of those platforms and how you engage with your customers is truly what can separate you from your competition. Having an engaging video conversation that started as a chat, or a social inquiry, is what creates memories, and keeps your customers coming back.

Five9 And Inflow — The Customer Experience Combination You Need

When we say we are a technology-agnostic organization we mean it. We have one mission when it comes to the UCaaS and CCaaS worlds: to deliver the ultimate solution customized to your company with your customers in mind. If we think a carrier pigeon would work best with your customers, we will raise them for you!

Five9 comes with a lot of flavors, variations, and solutions. Let’s set up a time to go over how we can help weave their innovation into your contact center to transform your customer & agent experience!