Genesys Cloud & InflowCX, A Partnership That Continues To Grow

Genesys Cloud & InflowCX, A Partnership That Continues To Grow

When it comes to innovation in the contact center and communications world, Genesys Cloud continues its tradition of leadership. When you combine Genesys’ industry-leading CCaaS technology with InflowCX’s contact center consulting, implementation, and optimization strategies it only means great things for our client base.

That pace of innovation from Genesys & InflowCX means that new features & capabilities come quickly which is good news for both current and future clients. Over the years we have been able to accomplish quite a bit together, some of the many highlights have been:

  • 8+ year partnership
  • Over 30 employees certified and focused on Genesys Cloud
  • 60+ Genesys Cloud Customers
  • 6-8 Week average implementation time frame 
  • 99.3% CSA 

Harnessing The Power Of Integration Between Genesys Cloud, Salesforce & All CRMs 

The more time your contact center agents are spending juggling applications the less time they are able to focus on what is important: taking care of your customer. We continually highlight Genesys Clouds integrations with the CRM because of the efficiency it brings. 

One of the biggest frustrations for CSA’s in the contact center is updating the same information in several places, it has never been easier to integrate your CRM from Salesforce to SugarCRM. Most integrations are able to happen with just a few clicks. 

Once that happens the possibilities are endless for your agents and customers as well. With the added benefit that those conversations are now all connected to your CRM so when an escalation happens, or an agent needs to know what has transpired they are in the know. 

Making The Most Of Your Agent’s Time With Genesys Cloud 

Maximizing the efficiency of your agent’s time has been a focus since the first call center was founded. We have come a long way since features like “Call Wait”, however, the innovation continues with solutions like implementing Bots & Automation that allows you to automate the questions your customers ask the majority of the time. 

Do you know what is the most important data in the contact center? The historical data that you currently have is the best Business Intelligence you could ask for, and Genesys makes it easy to utilize that data. Working with industry leaders like eMite, Survey Dynamics, Brightmetrics and other BI tools is a click away to integrate with your business. 

Bring Zoom, Teams, And Other Unified Communication Together With Genesys 

With the emergence of Zoom as a player in both the Unified Communications and soon-to-be contact center world, Genesys has a solution for wherever you are in your deployment of UC solutions. Having out-of-the-box applications ready for Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, RingCentral, 8×8, and others, collaboration is just a few steps away.

The engineering is pre-built for the majority of solutions that your company needs. However, with over 30 InflowCX employees certified with Genesys Cloud, even the most unique solutions can be integrated for maximum productivity for your team. 

Genesys PureConnect Brings Your Communication Strategy Together

The PureConnect application gives your business the widest and most versatile arsenal of omnichannel solutions. All operating on one system within one environment, yours! Whatever it is that you need to have connected, PureConnect brings this all together. 

From social channels, chat, messenger or simply having your CRM connected PureConnect is what weaves your tapestry together and makes your solution one of a kind. With all of the tools available through AppFoundry, the possibilities are endless for making it all work together.

Put Genesys Cloud To Work In Your Contact Center 

With all of the possibilities and combinations available, there are thousands of ways to make Genesys work for your business. However, none of that matters if you don’t have the right partner to help you connect those solutions to real-world applications.

In our decades of experience, we know the most important step is listening, because no two contact centers are the same. Having a partner like InflowCX brings it all together and makes it easy. Let’s set up a time to speak with our team and bring the power of Genesys Cloud to your contact center!