Great Customer Experience Starts With A Great Agent Experience

Great Customer Experience Starts With A Great Agent Experience
While there is a lot of focus on retaining the talent that you currently have when it comes to the reasons people are leaving their current employer it is not just better pay or benefits. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision-making process to leave a company. The technology that you deploy to help your employees do their job with the least amount of friction possible, especially in a customer-facing environment, matters.

Richard Branson famously said ​​”Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” When it comes to the contact center and all of the agent enablement tools available there has never been a better time to level up your suite of services available to your agents.

At Inflow, we pay attention to what technology can mean for our front-line team members. Listening to what they need to do their jobs more efficiently can make a major difference in customer experience in the contact center and cost savings as well. We are going to dive into some of our team’s favorites that can make an impact immediately on your agent experience.

Five9 Agent Assist Is A Must Have For Your Contact Center

Agents spend a lot of their time noting accounts, what happened, connecting the account internally, and trying to note while listening. Real-time call transcription means that agents can focus on what is important, listening to the customer’s issue and resolving their concerns. For anyone who has tried to do two things at once, we know that usually neither is done well. That is a thing of the past for your agents.

Additionally, Five9 Agent Assist delivers real-time coaching by listening to each call and nudging agents with relevant content to help. When it comes to complex issues like HIPAA, having the right article or information at the right time can save more than just time & money.

While Agent Assist delivers on its name ten times over, it also provides valuable insight into real-time trends for your leadership team to analyze. It is not an efficient use of your time to listen to all of the calls, however, with transcription and the analytics that are enabled you can make adjustments on the fly, quickly create scripting, and so much more that allows you to anticipate the needs of your agents and customers in real-time.

Genesys Cloud Omnichannel Routing

When it comes to your agents, regardless of their role they want to be speaking with customers they can help. The last thing your agent or your customer wants is to be transferred to someone that can’t help. With omnichannel routing that should rarely happen in the contact center. Having this in place ensures that if the customer needs collections or sales the call will be routed there intuitively, and a better customer experience follows.

In addition to ensuring that the right agent is in place at the right time, no one likes to repeat their story. Your agent does not want them to come to you frustrated, they would like to pick up where they left off, regardless of the channel. Genesys has done well to seamlessly integrate AI in the contact center to enable a smooth interaction between your agent and customer, without all of the frustration of needless repetition.

Whisper From Zoom Phone

Now Zoom Phone may not be a full-on contact-center-enabled platform currently, however that is sure to come soon. The whisper feature is something that allows agents to keep control of the call while getting seamless assistance from experienced help that they need. If the call dictates the need for a supervisor to take over that is when the Barge feature can be deployed.

One call or one interaction resolution is huge for agents and quality assurance as well. Having the guidance in your ear, coupled with the guidance from Agent Assist is setting your people up for success and enabling them to deliver the experience they deserve.

Inflow Brings It All Together In Your Contact Center

This is not an “either-or” decision when it comes to the contact center. There are literally thousands of combinations that can be deployed to empower your agents to become the customer experience champions they can be. We partner with the best-in-class contact center solution providers so that we can deliver based on your needs, not a monthly quota to a logo. Let’s set up some time to speak about how we can make sure you have the best experience for your agents, so you never have to worry about the experience for your customer!