Guideline for SIP Trunking and ShoreTel: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Inflow Communications
By Travis Dillard, President Inflow Communications and Jona Sanford, Senior Voice Engineer Inflow Communications

First it was analog lines, then PRIs, and more recently, SIP trunks. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the next technology iteration for connecting your communications system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Heres a quick list of the things youd better be considering when making this decision:

The Good

  1. Flexibility in DID use, Caller ID, & with virtual SIP trunk
  2. Disaster recovery is streamlined through web portal, auto failover, and geographic distribution
  3. Scalability in that call capacity can be easily increased and trunks can be added quickly
  4. Cost savings because it costs less to deploy and has less expensive long distance rates

The Bad

  1. Session Border Controller is recommended
  2. Codecs must be understood
  3. All types of network connections should be considered
  4. Bandwidth has to be adequate
  5. Flexibility means more deployment planning
  6. 911 calling requires special configuration
  7. Limitations exist in both physical and virtual SIP trunk appliances

The Ugly

  1. Difficulties with notification of some failure scenarios
  2. SIP and PBX Incompatibilities
  3. Fax (vs SIP) is not generally recommended

Matching SIP trunks with the reliability and scalability of a ShoreTel architecture can be a smart choice. If deployed correctly, you can reap the many benefits SIP trunks offer. SIPs can be used to connect disparate communication systems together. Enjoy more flexibility, reliability, and cost savings in your ShoreTel system with SIP Trunk technology. (though not yet perfect)

Need more information on integrating SIP trunks with ShoreTel? Give us a call and speak to a Unified Communications design or support engineer.

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