HIPAA Compliant AI is Possible in Healthcare 

HIPAA Compliant AI is Possible in Healthcare 

Technology has always been a means to an end, to get to the right conclusion, destination, or solution faster. As humans, we have gone from walking to riding, trains, to automobiles, to rockets, and along the way, we have successfully made each version faster. We have a natural gravitation towards efficiency.  

The contact center itself has evolved from being a “call center” because of the changes in how we can meet customer expectations. The contact center has gone from simple telephones to Interactive Voice Response, email, chat, and other automation that provide the solution faster for customers.   

One major concern has been account privacy and security. This is especially true for the financial and healthcare industry which have some of the strictest privacy rules to navigate. There is no shortage of acronyms from FINRA to HIPAA and so many in between, which are all necessary for the protection of patients & clients.  

How AI Can Maintain and Bolster HIPAA Compliance 

“Is this HIPAA compliant”? That is the first and sometimes the only question IT administrators have on their minds when it comes to the practicality of AI in the healthcare field. HIPAA is here for a reason, and people have a right to privacy, especially with their health information. There is also a fear that by making any automation or use of AI compliant the user experience will suffer.  

Instead of asking if the technology is HIPAA compliant, maybe we should be asking how AI can ensure the healthcare industry is compliant so we can all learn and get better. There are thousands of conversations daily at hospitals, clinics, labs, and other facilities that may not be compliant. So how can we utilize those conversations to help maintain quality and compliance?  

With conversational analytics and sentiment analysis from solutions like Observe.ai and Call Journey, there is the opportunity to record and catalog those conversations. Then setting up filters such as “Is this conversation HIPAA compliant?” Think about agents being able to be coached in real-time when there is a possible violation about to happen. We can utilize AI to guide us through an amazing patient experience.  

Who Invited the Chatbot to The Gender Reveal Party?  

HIPAA-compliant AI is not only possible, but it is also being utilized today in healthcare while also delivering a great customer experience Our Senior Director of Sales Austin Culp, and his wife recently found out their baby’s gender via AI chatbot. They were delighted to find out they are having a baby girl without speaking with the doctor directly.  

The process with the AI chatbot was seamless and informative, exemplifying how AI can navigate the complexities of healthcare information with sensitivity and privacy. Firstly, the bot clarified its automated nature and outlined a clear escalation path for seeking further clarification from healthcare professionals, emphasizing the availability of human support if needed. This transparency is crucial in building trust and ensuring users feel comfortable with the automated process. 

Furthermore, the chatbot efficiently managed the flow of information. It prioritized critical health information, explaining the results of potentially worrisome tests first, such as chromosomal disorders or genetic conditions. This approach prevented information overload, allowing the couple to digest important findings before moving on to less critical details. 

The convenience of the AI chatbot was further highlighted by its ability to summarize complex medical reports. Instead of leaving Austin to decipher medical jargon in the early hours of the morning, the chatbot provided concise summaries and direct links to in-depth reporting. This feature underscores the potential of AI in healthcare to make information accessible and understandable, bridging the gap between professional medical advice and patient comprehension. 

This experience shared by Austin Culp and his wife demonstrates the thoughtful integration of AI in healthcare, balancing compliance with HIPAA regulations and the need for a responsive, user-friendly interface. It showcases the potential of AI to not only adhere to privacy standards but also to enhance the patient experience, making healthcare more accessible and less daunting for everyone involved. 

As technology continues to evolve, the contact center’s role in healthcare becomes increasingly significant. The success story of AI in providing crucial health information while maintaining privacy and compliance standards is a beacon for future developments in this space. It illustrates how technology can be harnessed to meet human needs with efficiency, empathy, and care. 

How AI Can Prevent Nurse and Employee Burnout  

In an industry that is losing crucial talent due to burnout and fatigue, healthcare companies must utilize technology to relieve some of the burden on the workers. Think about the number of calls a nurse or patient service representative makes in a day, the messages left and returned. How efficient is that compared to Austin and his wife’s situation? There are so many interactions that could be automated, and patients would prefer to be automated.  

With AI-driven Workforce Management solutions, we can prevent burnout in nurses and other employees before it even happens. Having a solution in place that identifies those triggers coupled with great communication can help retain that talent in the healthcare industry, where it belongs.  

AI Is Part of The Future In Healthcare 

An estimated 10,000 people are retiring daily from the baby boomer generation. This, coupled with the current labor situation in healthcare calls for innovative solutions. Being able to think and operate differently is critical to the future of healthcare.  

We will always need doctors, nurses, and people in healthcare, this is not an either/or scenario by any means. However, automating the repetitive tasks in the healthcare industry is a good start, especially in the contact center. 

If you are ready to see how AI can be a part of your future, we should talk. Schedule a call with our team of experts at InflowCX who always take the time to understand you. We understand healthcare and technology’s role in the future, we would welcome the opportunity to be part of yours.