In a Rush for Holiday Staffing? Don’t Rush Your BPO Decision 

In a Rush for Holiday Staffing? Don’t Rush Your BPO Decision 

With the holiday season fast approaching, contact center leaders ramp up their staff, which can include business process outsourcing (BPO). Making a hasty decision based on a Google search and hiring the first BPO provider may bring a quick solution, however, the saying that “haste makes waste” holds true more often than not.  

Our President, Adam Rennert, recently outlined the key factors when considering BPO providers. With all of the options available in today’s world of outsourcing, there is no reason to rush your decision. It is not a case of either quickly filling the seats or finding the right provider. You can fill the void and find the right provider who specializes in your industry. 

Vetting BPO Options Doesn’t Mean Delaying The Process 

Knowing your top business needs can help streamline your vetting process. When a quick Google or Bing search is the extent of your vetting process, that results in underserving your customer or an inferior customer experience.  

Additionally, utilizing a company that you are familiar with in the past may be a good reason to re-evaluate that relationship. Sometimes those relationships are from other companies, industries, or verticals.  

Both options stem from a need that is necessary to be filled quickly. Partnering with someone like InflowCX that has decades of experience means you can still fill the need without delaying the timeline.  

Finding the Right BPO Fit is the Priority 

There are many priorities that need to be checked when considering the right partner. Here are a few key areas to consider: 

  • CRM compatibility 
  • The CCaaS solution you currently use 
  • Language(s) spoken 
  • Hours needed for fulfillment 
  • Training needs and capacity 
  • Duration of increased staffing volume 
  • Skill level needed 
  • Can automation supplement some of your needs? 
  • Industry/Vertical  
  • Cultural alignment between your organization and the BPO 

This is where we start, and the great news is that we have already vetted a lot of the industry-leading BPO companies. So while we are asking these questions we are narrowing the list down to the companies that would be a good fit for your organization. Therefore you don’t need to sacrifice anything on this list. The top priority is to continue a seamless and great customer experience with a BPO that fits your needs. 

Don’t Settle When It Comes To Your BPO & Staffing Needs 

At InflowCX we have been helping customers navigate through the operational challenges of meeting customer demands. We accomplish this through technology, automation, AI, BPO, and much more. The great part is we bring clarity and simplicity to your organization through proper consultation.  

In our decades of experience and the thousands of clients, one thing holds true: it all starts with us listening and evaluating your needs. Our consultative approach makes us an industry leader. Let’s have a conversation and see how you can put our expertise to work!