Inflow Integrates ShoreTel Unified Communications system to an Avaya PBX System (Part 2)

Inflow Integrates ShoreTel Unified Communications system to an Avaya PBX System (Part 2)

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The Solution:

Inflow Communications integrated to Windermere’s core Avaya PBX using (2) private PRI connections.  This facilitated station-to-station dialing and caller ID between the legacy Avaya system and the ShoreTel VOIP phone system.  It also allowed Windermere to route external inbound and outbound calls terminating into the ShoreTel system over to the Avaya system digital phones.

Unlike most integration projects done by other ShoreTel partners, the integration didn’t stop there.  Windermere needed the ability to leverage the older Avaya sets, but wanted BOTH systems to operate on a single ShoreTel voicemail system.  The older voicemail system didn’t have the features needed and inter-PBX voicemail creation and forwarding between Avaya digital and ShoreTel IP sets was required.  The only way to accomplish this was to fold both the Avaya and ShoreTel PBX systems under one single-image ShoreTel voicemail system.

Inflow used a third-party device that connected to CO (FXO) ports on the ShoreTel system and station (FXS) ports on the Avaya system.  This provided the “talk-paths” between the two systems.  Additionally, a digital station ports off the Avaya system was connected to the device, which was configured to provide “Busy Lamp” indication information for the station ports (and hence the talk-paths into the ShoreTel system).  This data is converted back to SMDI data and sent to the ShoreTel system via a serial cable.  This data provides voicemail control information between the systems, including Voicemail Waiting Indicators, mailbox information, etc.

The solution allows Windermere to literally migrate between the two systems on a set-by-set basis.  Windermere is in the process of slowly displacing the Avaya systems with a single-system ShoreTel platform over the next year.

Leave it to Inflow Communications to be creative, provide a solid migration plan, and meet the very unique needs of our ShoreTel customers.