InflowCX Brings Automation And Workforce Flexibility To Uplift

InflowCX Brings Automation And Workforce Flexibility To Uplift

When it comes to implementing contact center solutions that are scalable and able to adapt quickly to change, sometimes we are challenged in ways we can’t anticipate. When it came to Covid-19 and how that affected the workforce worldwide, adaptability was challenged, and how we were able to respond to our customers proved we can rise to the challenge.

When implementing the Genesys Cloud CX platform for Uplift, we tackled a lot of the challenges facing the contact center today: 

  • Migration from on-premise to hybrid workforce
  • Implementing automation solutions without sacrificing customer experience
  • Bringing everything into one window & playing nice  
  • WFM (workforce management) in a hybrid & remote environment

Having the ability to transform how companies engage and elevate the customer experience in the contact center is something we take pride in. Here we go into the challenges, how we responded, and some prideful statistics that continue to bring ROI for our client. 

Migration To Cloud In The Contact Center 

In the beginning, their team handled calls via PBX and a ZenDesk ticketing system. Like a lot of fast-growing startups, there is a story there of the “good old days”. While sticky notes and spreadsheets sufficed in the early days, they are not able to handle expansive, fast growth. 

After bringing on a Senior Director of Customer Service and Operation’s Uplift realized there had to be a better, more efficient, and flexible way to handle the traffic. After evaluating four leading contact center platforms, the Uplift team landed on Genesys Cloud CX to handle the transition from on-premise for both the PBX and the workforce to a hybrid environment.  

There were several considerations that Uplift weighed when choosing the right contact center partner. From a technical view having Genesys Cloud CX run on Amazon Web Services, brought a comfort level. However, it was the engagement and attention that separated Genesys from the others, leaving Uplift to feel like they were not a priority for some others in the space.

Implementing Automation In The Contact Center Brings Cost & Stress Reduction

When running their old premise-based systems they would need over 50 staff members to handle the volume. Currently, they have 30 hybrid agents in North & South America, needless to say, the staffing budget is now something the Director of Customer Service takes pride in, being under budget for almost a year. 

Some additional highlights that make the customer & Inflow smile:

  • Under 6-week cloud migration
  • 40% IVR deflection rate
  • Did we mention the 40% IVR deflection rate?
  • 20% email automation rate
  • 15% of calls handled by the digital assistant

To build on the 15% of calls handled by a digital assistant, Uplift is known for its amazing customer experience in the contact center. Their average handle time is around 6 minutes. The volume of calls they receive with those time savings is remarkable and able to scale with them even more over time. 

An Actual OmniChannel Contact Center Solution

Having all of your systems play together, and play nice together is what contact center leaders dream about. With customer experience top of mind all the time for Uplift integrating with their own CRM was a must. This enables a white glove customer service experience, addressing them by name, being available for their customer, and creating lasting relationships. 

To date, eight channels have been consolidated on Genesys Cloud CX:

  • Voice
  • SMS
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • TrustPilot
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The native channels come standard, and Genesys’ Open Messaging API enables platforms like TrustPilot to be brought into the mix. Genesys AppFoundry marketplace connects the social channels. With InflowCX’s team of experts, we were able to build a data table to analyze email subject lines such as “make a payment”, and respond automatically without an agent. 

All of this in one happy user interface that allows agents to focus on who the customer is, and what they need. As opposed to where the customer is at and on what screen. The time savings from having a centralized window coupled with less anxiety for the agents is paying dividends. 

Workforce Management (WFM) In A Remote Contact Center Environment

Many contact centers are realizing the savings having agents in different locations brings. Whether forced by Covid, seen as a cost savings and life balance measure, or a combination of both, this hybrid environment is here to stay. Implementing the cloud environment the right way to enable a hybrid workforce in the contact center is a must that InflowCX delivers time and time again. 

No two migrations are the same, and having a strong WFM solution that enables people like the Director of Customer Service and Operation is more important now than ever. With agents in different countries schedule adherence, managing PTO, and analyzing peak times are metrics that matter more.

Understanding historic data, and harnessing real-time data play a major role in how these metrics play out. Having a real-time and historic dashboard with BrightMetrics gives insight into what has happened in the past while knowing what is going on right now as well. Predictive capabilities in the contact center with AI are elevating the customer & agent experience. 

It All Starts With A Contact Center Consultation

While we are proud of what we accomplished with Uplift, we know that some challenges are universal. Some challenges are unique to your business. Having a conversation first will always be the first step in our process here at InflowCX.

If you are wondering how to navigate a world of possibilities in your contact center call us here at InflowCX. We love solving complex problems and helping you deliver an unparalleled customer experience.