It’s OK To Challenge The Customer Experience Status Quo

Smiling handsome young male call centre operator with headset

As the Rolling Stone’s song goes “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find you get what you need.” Recently our Chief Revenue Officer Mike Dolloff, & Enterprise Account Executive Jenna Swikard were able to bring the song to life with one of our customers & their BPO. 

Focusing On Outcomes In The Contact Center 

On the call was the customer, their BPO, and InflowCX. What the customer was trying to accomplish was setting up their Genesys Contact Center so that a specific percentage of calls would route their BPO each day. This is something that is a standard practice to deliver a good customer experience, reducing hold times and getting questions answered faster throughout the day. 

That was the BPO’s current best practice was to have a predefined percentage of calls routed to them each day to their Five9 Contact Center.  Which on the surface accomplished what our mutual client was looking for: reducing hold times, helping during peak hours, etc. 

Experience Matters In The Contact Center 

Understanding that the business objective was to use the BPO for overflow calls, and knowing both the Genesys and Five9 CCaaS solutions well, our team knew that there was a better way to deliver a great customer experience for our mutual client’s customers.  

Knowing the AI capabilities of both Five9 and Genesys, our team proposed using the two systems API’s to do a real-time lookup from the customer’s contact center to get the status of the BPO’s contact center agents. 

If the lookup shows that the BPO wait times are better than the customer’s wait times, then the customer’s contact center would send incoming calls to the BPO. If the current wait time is better within the customer’s contact center then the calls would remain within their environment. All of this is happening in real-time monitoring the best landing spot for those calls. 

Contact Center Consulting Goes Beyond Products 

This recommendation will improve customer wait times & be a much better design than ‘the usual way’ of sending a percentage of calls to the BPO. This will elevate the overall customer experience not just in our customer’s contact center but in contact centers across the US as the BPO will be adopting this practice in the future. 

Sometimes what the customer feels they want, and the right solution are two similar but different outcomes. Having the right team in place to have that conversation is what we do, and we would love to do the same for you! We are just a phone all or email away.