Melissa Adams: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for October 2021

Melissa Adams: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for October 2021
Melissa Adams is our incredible Contract & Sales Ops Team Lead here at Inflow. Melissa has been with Inflow for over 5 years, working hard with our customers to ensure their contract renewals are on time.

Here are a few fun facts about Melissa:


Melissa Adams: Inflow’s Core Value Hero for October 2021

What’s your favorite vacation memory?

When I was pregnant with Jonah, we snowshoed into Trillium Lake and had a picnic. It was beautiful – sun slicing through the clouds over Mt Hood, a spread of our favorite charcuterie, and no other people. It was like magic sharing that popular destination with only the ravens. Since then, we’ve repeated that snowshoe hike every year, pulling a sled or carrying Jonah on our shoulders when he was tired. At 5 years old, Jonah surprised us by RUNNING for the majority of that 4 mile trail in the snow! He’s 8 now and has not slowed down.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

These usually involve packing up a picnic, loading the dogs and family into the car, and heading to the beach for the day. Though this crisp fall weather is reminding me that I also love to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket under a pile of dogs, and a good book. Or substitute the book with a Nintendo controller – my Great Aunt (in her 90s and still playing) got me hooked on Zelda when the first games were released.

What’s your favorite thing about your career or working at Inflow?

One of my favorite things about Inflow is that we walk our talk. I see this team of intelligent and compassionate people go above and beyond every day for customers and each other. It is truly inspiring.

Check Out What Melissa’s Co-Workers Had to Say

“ Melissa goes above and beyond every single day. She is always willing to hop on meetings last minute in order to provide valuable input and direction on internal projects. She is an MVP that works hard, hopefully she gets to play hard soon! ”

“Melissa was able to quickly and tactfully explain a customer’s contract renewal to them. She updated me and the CSM so everyone was in the loop. I appreciate her always going the extra mile!”

“ “Go above & beyond, then go further” – besides always being as fast as the wind answering the Support and Renewal questions from Support – she even has the information to help sort out International RMA contacts!”

“I just want to appreciate the help and support she provides the Sales Ops. Thanks for always being available and for helping us with our daily duties.”