Migrating to a Cloud Contact Center in the Energy & Utilities Sector

Migrating to a Cloud Contact Center in the Energy & Utilities Sector

In This Case Study You Will Find:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Knowledge Management Solution
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Agent Enablement
  • Contact Center Optimization

For an organization that handles over 7,000 customer interactions daily, a digital transformation in the contact center does not happen overnight. Months of planning, conversations, and engineering went into making the transition from a premise-based Genesys solution to Genesys Cloud CX a success.

When it comes to migrating to a cloud contact center solution, there are many reasons companies look to make that change. There are even different considerations for different stakeholders within the company. Having multiple locations, remote employees, and wanting everything in one place for their contact center, a regional energy provider partnered with InflowCX. Here we go into the makings of a successful transformation and how that has elevated the customer and agent experience.

Goals, Roadmaps, and Stakeholders Matter

When it comes to industry-leading solutions, you need to have industry-leading conversations. The InflowCX team put their decades of experience to work by asking the right questions. The questions go beyond just IT or technology, the client was asked about revenue, reporting, business impact, and much more.

Conversations with leadership and agents are the framework for establishing what is important to achieve business objectives. Integration with the client’s CRM enables agents to seamlessly capture revenue, or have the call automatically routed to the right team. Every second counts in the contact center.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Taking all the necessary information, establishing key dates, and a migration strategy was a combined effort between the InflowCX and the client teams. The
collaboration on setting clear expectations on what to expect and when is a key component to ensuring the project stays on track with minimal interruption to business.

InflowCX has always taken a customer-centric approach to help clients choose what will work best for them. In the strategy sessions, it soon became apparent there was a plethora of knowledge within the company that agents needed to access quickly.

One of the many advantages Genesys Cloud CX brings is the integration capabilities through AppFoundry. Bringing that knowledge to the agents in real-time is critical for creating a great customer experience in the contact center. Implementing Shelf accomplishes that through knowledge ready, agent assistance and so much more.

“I can’t scream it loud enough that the Shelf product is AMAZING! I highly recommend the Shelf product as an add on to any user!”

Program Director

Contact Center Evaluation, Deployment, and Optimization

Creating and collaborating on the plan is always our priority. Executing the timelines, technology, and key dates are next. Once the solution had been deployed, InflowCX worked side-by-side with the client to help agents harness the efficiency and power of productivity that Genesys Cloud CX brings.

One of the biggest efficiencies is agents no longer must flip between multiple screens to find answers to customer questions. When you are handling over 7,000 interactions a day, 10-15 seconds off an interaction can quickly bring an ROI financially and from a customer experience perspective.

“I love that everything is right there! It’s wonderful and makes everything so easy!”

Customer Service Agent

Genesys has invested heavily into the agent experience, which is something the client will reap the benefits of both financially and from a customer perspective. Having fewer hold times is always a good thing. That creates less call abandonment, increased revenues, customer retention, and more.

Implementation is Not the End of the Journey

Successfully implementing and training the team on Genesys Cloud CX, Shelf, and the new technology is only part of the solution. Continual training, best practices, and support are a huge part of what we do. With our industry-best customer experience team and ongoing support, this is just the beginning for InflowCX and our client.

“We did it! We had a very successful launch! Thank you for the hard work. The team was great to work with and very helpful. We can’t sing enough praises about them! Truly- rock stars!”

Program Director

Every Contact Center Has Their Own Dynamic

Experience is on the side of InflowCX, however, that never means there are assumptions that one contact center is like another. There are intricacies, business objectives, and other considerations that our team captured while consulting with the client. Keeping culture intact with remote employees and two contact centers separated geographically was important to the client. The internal collaboration tools between agents, leadership, and other employees matters and are things InflowCX focuses heavily on.

“This was one of the best projects I have worked and the relationship with InflowCX has been great overall”

IT Director

When it comes to digital transformation, increasing your contact center’s ROI, or customer experience, InflowCX would love to have a conversation to get the process moving.


The customer name has been redacted for privacy, but they are happy to be a reference. If you would like to chat with this customer regarding their experience with InflowCX, please send a request to contact@inflowcx.com