NICE CXOne Delivers On Customer Experience In Your Contact Center

NICE CXOne Delivers On Customer Experience In Your Contact Center
There is a reason call centers have become known within the industry as contact centers because there are so many different ways for customers to get in touch with the companies they do business with. As the mediums change, so should the tools to deliver on customer expectations. Having disruptors enter the contact center space is a good thing because it puts everyone on alert that the rules have changed, and an excellent customer experience is the standard.

When it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience in the contact center, how a customer contacts you is always evolving. This means your agents need to be able to meet your customers where they are while meeting expectations. The best agents want to exceed expectations, and if you want to enable your employees to go above and beyond you need technology like NICE CXOne.

NICE Is So Committed To Customer Experience In The Contact Center They Made It Part Of Their Name

When it comes to CX, NICE InContact made it part of their name so you know exactly what it means to their brand. Customers want convenience and sitting on hold for 45 minutes having an automated message telling you “your call is important to us” is actually telling the customer their call is NOT important and neither are they.

Proactive conversational AI is a great way to anticipate your customer’s needs while not leaving them on hold for 45 minutes. Deploying all of the knowledge your team has accumulated over time about your product or service in the form of chatbots is a great way to provide the answers your customers need efficiently. Additionally when your customers do choose to call, having the call routed to the right team without the customer needing to hit numbers levels up your customer experience.

Automation is not the opposite of customer experience, it should enhance the experience for your customer. NICE has embraced this concept and expanded on it with chat, messaging and automatic call distribution ensuring your customer has a live agent as soon as possible.

Optimizing Workforce Management In The Contact Center

Hiring the right talent is challenging, making sure the right talent is at the right place at the right time takes more than just planning. You have to account for forecasting volume, scheduling, reducing idle time, and boosting efficiency. Taking all of the data available to you and filling in the gaps with predictive analytics enables your team to plan and staff across all your channels including voice, email, chat, SMS/text, and social media.

Workforce management in the contact center is one of the biggest contributors to a great customer experience. Waiting for an answer and the speed of resolution matter. If you don’t have an agent there to answer, or better yet a subject matter expert there to answer that exact question then your result will be mediocre at best.

Workforce Management is a pivotal component when it comes to your Agent Experience in your contact center. Having the right agents in the right spot allows them to shine, and we have found that the best agents take pride in being the expert for their customers. They want to deliver an exceptional experience and making sure the staffing is in place during peak times alleviates unnecessary stress companies can unknowingly put on their agents.

Meet Your Customer On Their Terms With Omnichannel Routing

Whether it is chat, social media, phone calls, emails, or SMS, there is no shortage of ways for your customer to contact you. This has necessitated a change in terminology from the Call Center to the contact center. The contact is now on your customer’s terms if you want to deliver what they consider a great customer experience. Are you ready to meet them where it is convenient for them?

Getting that contact right and to the right agent, self-service option, or interactive AI solution is important. With Automatic Contact Distribution, Predictive Behavioral Routing and Interactive Voice Response you ensure the customer gets to the right place, for the right resolution. This is no longer a luxury it is an expectation and you need to exceed customer expectations to keep your customers coming back.

Turning Your Contact Center Analytics Into Actionable Data

Having everything connected and centralized enables you to react fast and pro-actively put the right information on the screens of your agents. If there are trends that are happening this no longer takes days to piece together the insights and drivers behind those trends. Real-time analytics create real-time actionable insights.

Interaction analytics are something we have been big on for years, and the ways that companies can truly hear the voice of their customers is evolving at a rapid pace. Not taking advantage of these insights is taking your finger off the pulse of your customer, NICE delivers on helping you understand your customers, your agents, and that relationship like never before.

Make Sure Salesforce Plays NICE With Your Contact Center Software

Salesforce can be a powerful tool in your contact center, giving 360-degree insights into the customer relationship. Taking a proactive approach to delivering on your customer expectations is simple when your CRM is integrated with NICE. From call routing to picking up where the last conversation left off regardless of channel is at your fingertips as the integration happens in a few clicks and is ready in hours not days.

You don’t need an entire technical support team to have everything ready to go, Eliminate delays, costs, and risks with their pre-built integration that deploys in hours and scales as your business needs evolve. Your agents can handle scheduling, contacts, and easily update Salesforce without ever having to leave. We all know that if it didn’t happen in Salesforce, then it didn’t happen!

Make NICE A Part Of Your Contact Center Strategy Today

At Inflow, we pride ourselves on having one goal for our contact center clients: to deliver the best solution period. Whatever combination of platforms, software, reporting, integrations, and hardware that is needed to accomplish that we will help solve for all of that. When we add new solutions we take it very seriously. Want to find out if NICE is a missing ingredient to your customer experience? Schedule a call and let’s find out together!