Observe.AI Elevates Agent And Customer Experience In Your Contact Center

Observe.AI Elevates Agent And Customer Experience In Your Contact Center
“Take good care of your employees and they will take care of your customers, and your customers will keep coming back.” -J.W. Marriott

Even though the contact center and Observe.AI were still a ways from being created, J.W. Marriott’s mindset still rings true, and Observe.AI delivers big on both the agent experience and customer experience alike.

One Contact Resolution Is A Necessity In Your Contact Center

Over the past decade, customers’ expectations for having their concerns resolved in one touch have increased 150%. Through agent empowerment, education, and efficient workflows for interactions with your customers based on past experience, your agents are set up for success. Being able to set up both high-level, and micro call/contact flows your agents and leaders now have easy-to-implement templates and are able to repeat a high level of service.

Having the ability to anticipate not only customer needs, but customer sentiment is one of the many features that are next level with Observe.AI. Transcribing calls is nothing new and a cornerstone of actionable analytics. However, being able to understand the conversation contextually and the customers’ intentions levels up your service like never before.

Being able to deliver feedback while a conversation is happening means a better understanding of how to deliver exceptional and compliant service, in real-time. Sometimes you wonder if the ROI or attribution is there, with Observe.AI you fully understand what it brings to your team right away.

Enabling, NOT Replacing Agents Through AI In The Contact Center

There seems to be this false narrative of agents or AI. At Inflow, we have always believed that we live in a world where the answer is agents AND AI to enhance the customer and agent experience. Observe.AI feels the same way and it shows in their platform with corrective actions in real-time, enhancing monitoring for your QA team, allowing personnel to hop in to help and so much more.

Real amazing customer service starts with an anticipatory mindset, being able to anticipate your customer’s needs before they even know what they need is an entirely different experience. Having AI working alongside, and even leading your agents down a path that pleases customers, is the answer in the contact center, not replacing them.

Observe.AI deploys AI in a way that allows your agents, Quality Assurance, Supervisors, and Managers to do what they do best. It removes the menial repetitive tasks so that agents can focus on why they love being an agent: pleasing customers. For your QA team they love coaching and mentoring, it enables them to coach and mentor more than ever before.

How Can Observe.AI Empower Your Contact Center?

When your team can come in and just do their best work without barriers, and there is a clear path to doing what you do best, that is when you have a contact center equipped to win. We know the feeling at Inflow, and it is why we partner with the best technology providers in the contact center space, and Observe.AI delivers.

If you are curious how this all works, and what this would mean for your Contact Center we would love to speak with you on how this can all come together and empower your team to deliver a customer experience they have been striving for!