Level AI

CX Applications Partner

AI-Powered Agent Performance and Quality Management Platform

Level AI is an omnichannel conversation intelligence platform for contact center leaders who wants to improve customer experience and increase agent effectiveness while keeping customer operations lean and nimble. Level AI next-generation of artificial intelligence automates quality assurance processes, assists agents in real time, identifies agent coaching opportunities, provides advanced contact center analytics and turns conversation data into VoC insights.

Streamline your contact center operations with AI-powered insights

Level AI helps your quality assurance teams analyze all the support conversations, identify areas of improvement and create programs to help your agents achieve peak performance.

Our pre-trained models automatically analyze all your support conversations across channels and surface areas of improvement.

Monitor and compare key performance indicators (KPIs) for your agents and teams from a single location.

Real-time Agent Assist™ understands customer intent and provides agents with guidance using your best resources for each scenario.

Learn how top-performing agents solve customer issues and use those insights to coach others in the team.

Transform the way you train your agents. Track individual agent performance, identify areas for improvement, build a coaching plan for each agent, and celebrate victories along the way.

Automated Quality Assurance

Level AI uses natural language understanding (NLU) to categorize conversations, summarize the issue, identify key moments in every conversation, and surface insights on critical conversations. With our QA engine, your quality analysts can review 100% of agent conversations with ease and at scale.

Contact Center and VoC Analytics

Get a unified view of your contact center performance. With our Query Builder™, you can track your most important metrics, apply filters, group data, and do much more. You can also deliver custom reports to contact center leaders, as well as other business teams.

Real-Time Agent Assist

Enable autonomous learning for your support agents. Agent Assist™ connects with your existing knowledge repository and scours through your entire knowledge base and surfaces proactive hints to help agents provide the right answers.

Live Agent Coaching

Create rich, personalized coaching plans for each agent. Easily search for coachable conversations and moments and add them to their coaching plan. Track agent performance improvement over time.


Level AI seamlessly integrates with your contact center, helpdesk, knowledge base, and CRM applications, making it easy for your agents and QA teams to fetch all the necessary information without leaving Level AI.