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NICE CXone MicroSI & Platinum Certified Implementation Partner

What happens when you combine smart technology, strong partnerships & deep expertise? NICE CXone does this to help enterprises and small businesses deliver a world-class customer experience. Combining the right platform, with the right people and partner ecosystem you can accomplish big things.

CXone Leverages AI, Analytics, Workforce Management, & More

CXone enables your customers to build loyalty with your brand by streamlining the customer experience. Leverage analytics to optimize your workforce, so that you have the right staff in place at the right time, reducing stress for your agents. When you provide a great agent experience you never have to worry about the customer experience, it will always follow.

Contact Center Solutions for Organizations Large and Small

NICE CXone is scalable regardless of company size. As your demands from your customers grow you can scale your solution and add the features you need to meet those demands. While your company grows so do the ways that customers expect to be able to reach you, adding social, chat, text and more is easy when you partner with Inflow and NICE CXone.

CXexchange Brings the Best Partners and Applications to One Place

From social media to virtual assistants to IVR, there are applications to help you customize a solution based on your company’s needs. Allowing you to weave together applications as unique as your contact center helps you fill in the gaps without adding unnecessary features that won’t be used, or worse may confuse your agents.

Access Insights for Enhanced Service

Having everything connected and centralized enables you to react quickly, and proactively put the right information on the screens of your agents. If there are trends occuring this no longer takes days to piece together the insights and drivers behind those trends. Real-time analytics create real-time actionable insights.

Wherever You Are on Your Contact Center Journey, We Can Help!

Leading Contact Center Solutions for Your Business

Our Approach

Are you wondering if a Cloud Contact Center is the best strategy for your business? Are you tracking the proper metrics to realize your true return on investment in the technology you have invested in?

These are the questions we start with in our quest to be your partner in all things communication. Having the right Contact Center Solution in place can transform your customer experience, staffing needs, reduce redundant spending and so much more.

Our Approach

You Know Where You Want Your Contact Center To Be, We’ll Get You There

Let’s Execute

You’ve made your strategic decisions but how do you get your contact center or customer experience initiatives completed effectively and efficiently? Maybe you have heard how contact centers are being transformed to enhance customer or agent experience and are overwhelmed by the options.

Inflow helps you speed up your process, and provides you the ability to cut through the noise and execute on your vision. Sometimes all you need is the right partner to guide you through the process, at Inflow we have executed on our client’s vision for decades and would love to do the same for you.

Let’s Execute

Let’s Work Together To Maximize The Benefits Of Your Contact Center

Optimization Services

Do you know if you are getting the most from your contact center operational processes and technology? When was the last time you performed an audit to see if you are maximizing everything that you have paid for? Sometimes the right tools are in place, however, leveraging those tools to their fullest potential is the missing piece to making your contact center as effective as it can be.

Optimization Services