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UJET Unifies Your Customer Journey Across All Channels

The limitations of traditional CCaaS technology combined with how consumers engage has left the customer journey more fragmented than ever. With the rise of the smartphone and the growing number of digital touchpoints, “cloud native omnichannel” is no longer enough. With UJET, you can now offer your customers a unified journey through an embedded, contextual experience across sales, marketing, and support.

Transform Your Customer Experience

UJET transcends omnichannel to optimize your customer experience. It allows you to interact with customers visually – and more naturally, allowing your team to easily identify the issue and efficiently solve it.

Blend Channels for Context

Unify, contextualize, and improve the customer journey, all within your customer’s preferred device – their smartphone. Blend voice and SMS messaging together to make hold times productive by gathering information and context for the agent before the conversation begins.

Interact with Customers Naturally

Give customers the ability to communicate visually and contextually so they can point to the problem, rather than describe it. Allow customers to share photos, videos, screenshots, and text directly with agents in real-time to help agents see from the customer perspective and resolve issues faster.

Embed UJET Into Your Mobile App

Provide a seamless experience for customers across channels from within your mobile app to stop customers from having to repeat themselves and to capture information from the smartphone for higher rates of first call resolution and lower handle times.

Unify Customer Data

Make your CRM the single source of truth and eliminate redundant data storage by natively reading and writing all customer data to the CRM.

Leverage Data for Routing

Leverage data from the CRM such as the contact record, account status, device information, and historical journey data to predict intent, make dynamic routing decisions, and contextualize each interaction before introducing an agent.

Automate for Efficiency

By enabling automation throughout the agent experience, UJET not only records granular detail of the customer and their journey within the CRM record, but significantly reduces average handle time and after call work for the agent by eliminating the manual effort to create and update records.

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Are you wondering if a Cloud Contact Center is the best strategy for your business? Are you tracking the proper metrics to realize your true return on investment in the technology you have invested in?

These are the questions we start with in our quest to be your partner in all things communication. Having the right Contact Center Solution in place can transform your customer experience, staffing needs, reduce redundant spending and so much more.

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You’ve made your strategic decisions but how do you get your contact center or customer experience initiatives completed effectively and efficiently? Maybe you have heard how contact centers are being transformed to enhance customer or agent experience and are overwhelmed by the options.

Inflow helps you speed up your process, and provides you the ability to cut through the noise and execute on your vision. Sometimes all you need is the right partner to guide you through the process, at Inflow we have executed on our client’s vision for decades and would love to do the same for you.

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Do you know if you are getting the most from your contact center operational processes and technology? When was the last time you performed an audit to see if you are maximizing everything that you have paid for? Sometimes the right tools are in place, however, leveraging those tools to their fullest potential is the missing piece to making your contact center as effective as it can be.

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