Navigating the Complex Contact Center Market with InflowCX’s Stanton Smith

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Guest: Stanton Smith

In this episode of The Inflow Experience Podcast, Austin Culp sits down with Stanton Smith, the Vice President of CX Technology Consulting at InflowCX.

Stanton shares his insights on how InflowCX is helping businesses identify the best contact center solutions to meet their specific requirements. He talks about the company’s approach to customizing solutions that deliver savings and ROI on a new platform.

The conversation covers a range of topics, including how to use data to make informed decisions, key considerations when selecting a contact center provider, and emerging trends in the industry. Whether you are a business leader looking to improve your customer experience or a technology professional seeking insights into the latest trends, this podcast is a valuable resource.

So tune in to gain valuable insights from Stanton’s extensive experience and learn how InflowCX can help your business stay ahead in the competitive contact center landscape.