Transform Your Contact Center with InflowCX’s Consulting Practice

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Guest: John Glantz

On this episode of The Inflow Experience Podcast, we’re joined by John Glantz, VP of Consulting Services at InflowCX, to discuss our transformational consulting practice for contact centers. John shares insights on the benefits of InflowCX’s consulting services, including how they help organizations improve customer experience, increase employee engagement, and drive business outcomes.

John also delves into the key indicators that InflowCX uses to identify areas for improvement in contact centers, including customer feedback, operational data, and employee feedback. He explains how these indicators can help organizations identify opportunities to optimize their contact center operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re a contact center leader looking to improve performance or an organization seeking to transform your customer experience, this episode provides valuable insights into the power of consulting services from InflowCX. Tune in to learn more about their approach and how it can benefit your business.