Unlocking the Power of AI in Contact Centers: Tactics and Perspectives

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Guests: Ken Workun & Robert Litalien

In this episode of the Inflow Experience Podcast, join host Austin Culp as he discusses the dynamic world of AI and automation within contact centers and customer experience with special guests Ken Workun, VP of AI Application and Software Services, and Robert Litalien, Director of IVA Development, both from the InflowCX team.

Discover the latest trends and innovations shaping the contact center landscape as Ken and Robert share their wealth of experience and insights. From the evolution of AI technology to its impact on labor strategies, they explore how AI is revolutionizing customer service, enhancing agent efficiency, and providing personalized experiences for callers.

Gain valuable insights into identifying automation opportunities, the power of intent prediction, and real-world examples of AI applications in call centers. Plus, learn about the AI Impact Assessment offered by Inflow to help organizations kickstart their AI journey with low-risk, high-impact strategies. Tune in for a compelling discussion on leveraging AI to transform contact center operations and deliver exceptional customer service.

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