ShoreTel Connect: Making Meetings Matter

ShoreTel Connect
By Travis Dillard, Inflow Communications

Ah, the dream of working remotely. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we’ve once fantasized, while working in a cubicle in the middle of a corporate center, about working remotely, from home, from a coffee shop, from the beach…And working remotely does certainly offer flexibility and allows you to customize your work style, but it’s not all sunshine and café lattes. And if you’ve ever talked to someone who works remotely, they’ll tell you – it has its challenges!

While it sounds nice to have the flexibility, we hear it more and more, that working on the go, from home or any where besides the office, can be difficult. Partly it’s because we’ve become so reliant on technology to see us through meetings, important messages to colleagues and sharing files with coworkers.  Besides poorly functioning technology, there’s also a multitude of burdens from using unique apps to remembering or finding PINS to login to meetings to simply having an excellent internet connection.

At Inflow, we have employees working remotely from homes and satellite offices throughout the country. I can attest to the big difference technology stability and ease makes in culture, productivity and employee happiness. Thank goodness for best of breed collaboration and Unified Communication technologies like ShoreTel.

With the new ShoreTel Connect, you can expect a reliable and seamless delivery of services and applications that will work for your company today and adapt as your company grows and needs change. Plus, you’ll experience a simpler, more natural way to collaborate no matter where you or your colleagues are. For instance, you can connect to meetings with a simple click of a link, on whatever devise you prefer to use.

Along with smoother running technology, ShoreTel Connect also works to make meetings more productive. ShoreTel Connect features collaboration tools that help keep track of how meetings are progressing and whether it’s running too long, so you’ll know when to cut someone who’s running off on a tangent short or when a portion of a meeting needs to be taken offline. Plus, ShoreTel Connect’s video features make it harder for colleagues to drift off in to smartphone-land and become distracted by other web searches, emails or work that takes them away from the meeting. Read more about other ways to keep your meetings on track, from ShoreTel.

Plus, check out ShoreTel’s Business Meeting Challenge to find out if you’re a Meeting Maverick, Meeting Multitasker or Meeting Maximizer. I took it and it turns out, I’m a Meeting Maverick! (Not to brag). Take it and find out what you are.

At Inflow Communications, we understand how ShoreTel Connect can better your work and collaboration with your team. We have a passion for innovative unified communications systems as well as a heart for service. We work with our customers to understand their day-to-day operations, business needs and often the impact on their end-users.  Make sure to keep up with our on-going educational series in our blogs and keep tabs on our events. Currently, we’re hosting a series of ShoreTel Connect events and previews throughout the country – call us to find out if there’s one coming up in your area.

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