ShoreTel News

ShoreTel News
ShoreTel 10.1 has recently been released for GA (General Availability), 10.1 includes several new features to enhance your ShoreTel system!

  • Priority Paging
    Sometimes referred to as “Barge-In”, this feature forces a page to be played to a user’s phone. If a user is on a call, the active call is placed on hold while the page is played over their phone ensuring that users don’t miss out on an important page-notification.
  • V Minus 1 Client Compatibility
    This feature allows you to upgrade your server ShoreTel software without having to upgrade your Call Manager clients at the same time. In example: 9.x Call Manager clients can operate with a 10.x ShoreTel server.
  • Expanded Mobile Call Manager Device Support
    ShoreTel has expanded the smart phone models to include additional BlackBerry Curve and Tour series.

These are just a few of the new features release in ShoreTel 10. Please contact your Inflow sales rep or support team to discuss these or additional features in ShoreTel 10. As always, Inflow recommends waiting approximately 60 days before upgrading to any newly released version to allow any potential issues to be worked through.