Strengthening Our Genesys Partnership to Provide More Value to Our Customers

Strengthening Our Genesys Partnership to Provide More Value to Our Customers
Being partnered with all of the leading contact center technology providers affords us a unique view into this space. In our roles as a consultant, advocates, and services partner for hundreds of customers we get to see what technology providers are delivering and creating happy customers, and which ones are not.

With constant changes in the communications technology market, Genesys continues to shine bright year after year. Inflow has been partnered with Genesys (from the Interactive Intelligence relationship) for 7 years now! One of the things that makes this relationship unique is it allows for two industry leaders to work in harmony. The pairing of Genesys’ industry-leading CCaaS technology with Inflow’s strengths of consulting, implementing, and optimizing around contact center technologies.

Customers Benefit When Leading CCaaS Providers Combine Forces

Customers get an additive partnership that is unique in the market: a leading software company in Genesys building amazing technology and a services company in Inflow focused on making that technology work best. Win-win-win.

We think it makes a pretty good pairing but more importantly, our customers think so too! Apparently so does Genesys, as we were honored to be named the Genesys North American Partner of the Year. The validation feels good, but we’re not one to spend our time chasing accolades or staring at trophies.

One of the reasons we’ve been successful as a company is that we believe in our core that to provide the best value to customers, we have to constantly innovate and improve. To that end, here are a few updates on what we’ve been working on to bring more value to our current and future Genesys Cloud customers:

  • Bolstered our bench of great project engineers and project managers to continue delivering great consultative implementations ahead of time and under budget
  • Built an agile system for helping customers proactively optimize your Genesys Cloud system – we call it the Technical Account Team program
  • Kicked off a quarterly 30-min webinar to share a distilled version of the most impactful Genesys Cloud product updates (and how to benefit from them)
  • We’re up to 11 Genesys Certified Professional certifications on our team (2 more in the works!)
  • Added some fantastic new leadership, pre-sales technical, and consulting capabilities with our PeakView acquisition
  • Built out a specialized team in our managed services department to focus on providing focused, high-touch support to our Genesys Cloud customers
  • Completed several Genesys Cloud implementations with integrations to a leading UCaaS solution, including RingCentral, Zoom, and Mitel
  • Got really good at Genesys PureConnect and PureEngage migrations to Genesys Cloud. Some key themes of these have been: simplifying configurations, democratizing some day-to-day administration to contact center managers, and adding new capabilities (AI, omnichannel and stronger WEM seem to be the common ones). Keep an eye out – we’ll be doing a Q/A webinar with a customer soon that went through one of those migrations so you can learn all about it!

Inflow And Genesys Cloud — Delivering Innovation and Scalability For Your Business

While we’ve been busy on those items, Genesys continued its torrid pace of development on enhancing Genesys Cloud. There has been a clear focus on building out its Workforce Engagement Management product capabilities. We’ve also seen a big emphasis on AI, with chat and voice bot capabilities rapidly enhancing (and that’s before the Bold360 acquisition!).

We’re excited about the past few months of Genesys innovation and even more about the near future. We have a lot of great customers we’re guiding on their contact center journey and have been working hard to deliver great experiences for our customers. As always, don’t be a stranger! Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and partnership with Genesys and how we can help transform your customer experience!