The Contact Center Industry’s Not-So-Subtle Hint That Cloud Is The Future 

The Contact Center Industry’s Not-So-Subtle Hint That Cloud Is The Future 

There was a time when cloud contact center companies like Genesys and Five9 were the outlier, on the fringe of the industry. The reason they were on the fringe wasn’t a lack of innovation or customer experience. The main reason was network reliability, which was largely out of their control.  

Gordon Moore predicted in 1965 that transistors or processing ability would double every 18 months. While we don’t know if that still holds true, we do know that network reliability is stronger than it has ever been. It is truly up to speed to accentuate the innovation, automation and AI that powers these platforms. 

The future of the contact center is in the cloud, period.  

The Retreat From Premise-Based Contact Center Systems Is Full Speed Ahead 

The cost to keep on-prem platforms running is increasing at a fast clip, both for the contact center and manufacturer as well. That is one of the biggest reasons for the Genesys PureConnect End Of Life announcement earlier this year. The support costs coupled with the challenges around keeping the proper staffing to maintain the user base are constantly in a state of flux.  

Avaya has admitted to not bringing a viable cloud contact center offering to the market. With an up-and-down dominant player in the world not adapting over an unprecedented past 5 years, this has shown traditional premise-based companies and Wall Street where the demand is.  

When All Else Fails, Follow The Money  

There have been huge investments made in contact center leaders who have shown an ability to perform well in the cloud. When you see companies like Salesforce aggressively looking for an entrance into the space, that shows where the money is going for the foreseeable future.  

Lending Tree has a catchphrase “When Banks Compete, You Win”. The same can be said for contact centers because when innovative companies like Five9 & NICE CXone compete with juggernauts like Zoom & Salesforce who align themselves with Genesys in the CCaaS space, everyone wins. It is that competition that generates innovation at a pace this industry needs.  

Contact Center Innovation Is in The Cloud  

Do you know how you feel about filling up your gas tank? That you would rather do a million things, or spend your money on other fun stuff, but you know it’s something you must do? That is how companies view legacy premise-based systems. The dollars are going to just keep it running, and those dollars are shrinking and eventually going to the cloud.  

The growth in the cloud contact center space is expected to grow from $17.1 billion today to over $54 billion by 2027. Huge leaps in innovation, AI, automation, and especially customer experience, are yet to come. If you think the current climate is changing at a rapid pace, the next 5 years are going to be formative years for some companies and the other side of the dash for others.  

Current Cloud Contact Center Leaders…Have The Best Leaders  

When it comes to combining the best of both worlds, traditional communications pioneers with next-generation leaders in the industry, the CCaaS space can be a small world. Top leaders from Cisco’s Enterprise Communications group now lead Five9.  

Many members of the InflowCX team come from the contact center themselves, understanding the psychology behind a willingness (or lack thereof) to embrace a migration to the cloud, or sometimes change in general.  

Helping You Become The Best In Class Contact Center 

When it comes to hesitation or barriers to migrating to the cloud for your contact center, we understand the challenges. Whether that is budgetary, lack of familiarity, geographical concerns, or a combination of dozens of factors we can help. This is what we do, in a very different way that starts with what is important: your business. When you are ready, which as we have mentioned should probably be sooner than later, let’s set up a time to talk.