The Convergence of Contact Center & CRM Part II: Genesys Cloud, Salesforce & CRM Integrations

The Convergence of Contact Center & CRM Part II:  Genesys Cloud, Salesforce & CRM Integrations
In the first edition of Convergence of Contact Center & CRM I touched on the topic of “Contact Center”. Mainly how the term is loosely being used by many application providers looking to gain momentum and revenue found in the multi-billion dollar Contact Center industry. More specifically, I highlighted a trend with CRM providers like Salesforce in the Contact Center that have begun to position their applications as “Contact Center solutions”. Which I believe is an overstatement of what I have learned about the various CRM solutions in the marketplace today. At best, these so-called “Contact Center” solutions are workflow solutions.

A key difference is found at the crossroads of “workflow vs ACD” which are two very different worlds and operational processes. Having said all of that, it’s my belief that the most effective Contact Center operations make use of both options. Blending the efforts of these applications to great advantage, namely: Customer Experience in the Call Center and Efficiency.

Genesys Cloud Contact Center Tops The List

Among the many solutions I’ve reviewed and evaluated based on my top 5 pillars of any Contact Center solution, Genesys Cloud Contact Center scores high on my list of options available to Contact Center operations. Genesys has a strong focus on being a catalyst to enhance the user experience. What the CRM’s need to realize is to truly meet the criteria for a Contact Center SOLUTION it has to have the top 5 Must-Haves for any Contact Center solution.

While I have a Top 3 list of Contact Center solutions for the future, Genesys Cloud Contact Center is the solution I most-often recommend. When considering each customer’s desire for many things, one of which is always high on the list: CRM Integrations.

Today, the CRM of choice is Salesforce in the Contact Center. Salesforce is without a doubt the 30,000-pound beast in the room and carries with it quite a bit of clout, weight and almost always directly impacts the operations desire for a Contact Center solution that already supports Salesforce as a required integration for their Contact Center solution choice.

Genesys Cloud & Their Approach to CRM Integrations

While technology affords the ability for any Contact Center operation fortunate enough to have a Development Team dedicated to its processes, many solution providers have not made it easy enough for a Developer to create tools specifically designed to integrate with a CRM.

A key driver for many Contact Center operations is to reduce the number of applications an Agent or Customer Care Specialist must manage at the desktop in providing service to its customers.

For those of you that know me, the Agent Experience is a topic I’ve discussed ad nauseum. A key component of that experience is the tools the user must juggle in helping customers.

“If your agent is spending time managing applications at the desktop while working with customers, they are spending less time actually focused on the customer.”
-Chris Recio every 10 minutes of each day

Ultimately, this represents a distraction and unfortunately, this will ALWAYS impact the customer experience. It’s quite obvious to me, yet I see this played out over and over again in almost every Contact Center I am fortunate enough to visit.

Top Goal For Today’s Contact Center? Simplify The Agent Experience

Genesys Cloud Contact Center really has done a great job focusing not only on simplifying the agent desktop experience with Agent Desktop Scripting. Genesys has also thoughtfully provided 3 ways in which to integrate with Salesforce in the Contact Center, providing an awesome opportunity to blend the need for Salesforce integration at multiple levels, including:

  1. Embeddable Framework for easy CRM integration
  2. IVR Integration for Dynamic Interaction Treatment
  3. Genesys’ Salesforce App Integration allowing Agents to Accept and Manage Interaction within Salesforce natively

With these 3 options, Contact Center operations have the building blocks for creating a dynamic process that simplifies the agent experience. Giving the business control over the interaction, while simultaneously impacting the Customer Experience in the Contact Center through the routing of the interaction.

Here we will discuss the three processes above, offering you more insight into the Genesys Cloud Contact Center solution. Let’s first discuss the Genesys Embeddable Framework.

Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework

The Genesys Embeddable Framework is a core toolset, already packaged for easy integration, This framework is enabled within Genesys Cloud, and comes as a standard option, requiring no additional spend or license fee.

This framework is the collective tools found in Genesys Cloud for call control, reporting, scheduling visibility, and much more, which brings almost the entire feature set and tools into any CRM.

Genesys Cloud Call Control and User Control as a widget.

  • Genesys Login / Logout
  • Set User Status
  • Receive Interactions
  • Place Outbound Interactions
  • Click-to-Call
  • Launch Agent Desktop Scripting
  • Callbacks
  • Schedules
  • Agent Performance
  • Agent Inbox

The Embeddable Framework Has Resulted in the Availability of Browser Extensions

Genesys Cloud Google Chrome Extension

Learn More

Genesys Cloud Mozilla Firefox Plugin

Learn More

As a result of the Genesys Embeddable Framework, the rapid development of integrations with CRM solutions is growing exponentially, ultimately creating a true “plugin” option to many of the leading CRM solutions directly into the Genesys Cloud Contact Center solution.
Having the embeddable framework as a service that is enabled, provides a remarkable foundation for a developer to easily create solutions for use with any CRM, including clients with homegrown solutions.

Here is a List of Currently Available Integrations that Leverage the Genesys Embeddable Framework

Genesys Cloud for Salesforce

Genesys Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Genesys Cloud for Freshdesk

Genesys Cloud for SAP

Genesys Cloud for Siebel

Genesys Cloud for ServiceNow

Genesys Cloud for SugarCRM

Genesys Cloud for Zendesk

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