The Demand For Customer Experience Has Never Been Higher, Is Your Contact Center Ready?

The Demand For Customer Experience Has Never Been Higher, Is Your Contact Center Ready?

The pace of customer-centric innovation is at warp speed right now. The ability to meet the customer where they are instead of where your business is located is a key indicator of whether you are in a favorable position for the next decade and beyond. Technology should be a conduit that enables a superior customer experience in your contact center and beyond. 

Customers Understand The Importance of Time More Than Ever 

Customers are conditioned to being able to get everything from sushi to shampoo with the click of a button, delivered to their doorstep within an hour. What companies like Amazon, Door Dash, Uber Eats, and others have mastered is meeting the customer and their demands where the customer is. Convenience is the key driver in the decision-making process.

Customers know that their time is the most valuable asset they have, and instead of spending hours going to the supermarket, the supermarket can come to them while spending their time doing what they need or want to do.

Is Your Contact Center Positioned To Meet The Customer Where They Are? 

We can all agree that building a great customer experience starts through the lens of the customer and makes it convenient for them to do business with your company. At the highest level, we can agree that the majority of today’s customers are online. Mobile vs desktop we can tackle later, let’s just take a look through that lens for a solid first step. Here are the 3 must-have solutions your contact center needs in place to meet your customer where they are. 

1. Contact Center Chat Solution That Integrates The Best Of AI With Your Agent 

When a customer has an issue, do you have a robust chat solution that offers the best of AI and live agents when needed? Ideally, your chat solution should be able to answer the repetitive questions/concerns your customers have and your agents would grow bored with that repetition. However, when the situation becomes more intricate an agent can seamlessly take over the conversation without the customer even knowing. 

Integrating your CRM with Chat (and much more) allows your agent to pick up key insights about the customer like upgrade opportunities, last interaction, reviews given on social and so much more. With your agent knowing the conversation is automatically noted in your CRM it allows them to concentrate on the conversation and actually anticipate the needs of the customer. 

2. Contact Center IVR That Pleases Your Customer And Agents

When a customer calls, emails, or engages via social media they are usually anticipating having to ask several times to get to the right department. On the other hand, sometimes they are past due on their account and collections never have an opportunity to speak with them. Having that contact routed automatically to the right person or interaction is a fraction of what IVR can do for your Contact Center. 

IVR has evolved so much with AI that it provides not only a better customer experience but also a better Agent Experience with features like Agent Assist from Five9. This helps agents with nudges toward a solution, knowledge base answers, anticipating customer needs, past use cases and so much more. Intelligent Virtual Agent has evolved to be a customer and agent’s best friend. 

3. Workforce Management Ensures Your Customer’s & Agent’s Time Is Maximized

Nothing says “your call is not important to us” like a message saying “your call is important to us” and waiting 20 minutes to speak with an agent. Managing a hybrid omnichannel workforce optimizes your customer experience in the contact center while reducing operational costs. When deploying a cloud platform like Genesys’ workforce management solution you not only optimize when agents should be present, having skills-based routing ensures the customer gets the answer they need right away versus multiple transfers.

Using data from your own contact center you can now optimize and automate what your best leaders have been trying to do for years: have the right people in the right seats at the right time. Optimizing, planning, and skills all come together to meet the customer where they are when they need help. That is what Workforce Management does, and it is now easier than ever. 

We Have CX In Our Name For A Reason 

Simply put, we are obsessed with delivering the best customer experience in your contact center. We would welcome the opportunity to help you put these solutions to work for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you design a contact center experience that helps you retain agents and customers alike.