The State of Contact Center as a Service in 2020 (Infographic)

The State of Contact Center as a Service in 2020 (Infographic)

Customer Experience (CX) has become a huge topic in the past few years. A core component of customer experience involves managing the exponential customer interactions most organizations face. In many organizations, this is managed through the contact center technology. Contact Center as a Service aka CCaaS has risen from a niche to a massive technology category over the past decade.

Working closely with the major technology players and with hundreds of contact centers around the globe we put together an infographic to help provide some context to the various players, themes, and key differences in this technology space:

The Speed Of Change Has Never Been Faster In The Contact Center Space

The Contact Center industry has experienced a rapid pace of innovation, the companies that we refer to as incumbents were the innovators just a decade ago. The innovation train has left the station and there is no looking back, and the pace is exponential with new contact center technology becoming a staple of our industry every year.

Having the ability to integrate your CRM with Contact Center technology has given us the ability to reach new levels of customer experience. Predictive analytics can anticipate what the customer needs from us before contacting us. In other words, the age of proactive customer service is here to stay, and embracing the right strategy is key to delivering that experience.

New View Of The Contact Center Quadrant

We broke the players into four main groups: Incumbents, Innovators, Build Your Own, and CRM & Ticketing. Within the groups, we highlighted some key areas of focus: Complexity, API-Centric, Pedigree of Interactions, and If the group leans more towards All-in-One or Best-of-Breed.

A few other notes:

  • The infographic is purposely kept high-level, as certainly each technology player has other nuances not adequately captured.
  • The category that is growing the most rapidly right now is the Innovators. There are plenty more companies we could list out in that area that are rapidly entering or maturing in the market.
  • The convergence of CRM into the contact center space is one to keep an eye on as this will likely shape this space for the foreseeable future.