Transform Your Customer Interactions with Call Journey’s Voice Analytics 

Transform Your Customer Interactions with Call Journey’s Voice Analytics 

Sharing best practices has always been a staple in contact centers; however, most of the best conversations aren’t cataloged or acknowledged unless QA decides to retain them for training purposes. Contact center leaders have heard thousands of conversations that they wish could be used for various purposes: training, effectiveness, and customer retention.  

Call Journey took on that challenge and delivered next-generation AI-powered people analytics software that converts conversations into usable insights. Not just insights but actionable insights that can be used across the company and not just within the contact center. Business leaders are finding that with Call Journey, they can reduce costs, improve financial performance, and drive higher customer engagements.  

Take Your Conversational Insights from Zero to Hero with Call Journey 

Whether trying to build a knowledge base or haven’t even begun implementing a solution, Call Journey helps you quickly level the playing field through their cloud-native AI-powered software. Your Contact Center can deploy this solution and immediately gather and index data from conversations.   

How often have you heard a call and thought, “I wish everyone had access to this conversation – this is exactly how a particular issue should be handled.” It’s now possible! Call Journey converts those conversations into structured data to deliver actionable insights across the enterprise. Then those conversations become searchable by interrogating the data, essentially democratizing conversations.  

Call Journey Drives CSAT In Your Contact Center  

Consistently delivering accurate information efficiently is a cornerstone of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) in your Contact Center. Here are some ways that Call Journey can help in your Contact Center: 

  • Help agents stay on track and remain within the scope of regulatory compliance. 
  • Detect script variations, data leakage, and factors that increase business risk. 
  • Analyze conversational data and gain direct insights into the true voice of the customer. 
  • Mine customer contact points (e.g., voice, email, chat) for quality assurance without needing to evaluate calls manually.  
  • Drive supervisor productivity by removing manual processes. 

Agents want to deliver a superior customer experience in the Contact Center. Having the right tools at their fingertips enables them to be at their best. The ability to quickly highlight how an obscure issue was handled is empowering. With Call Journey, this is now a reality.  

Contact Center Best Practices and Data Analytics   

If you were to ask the best agents how they arrived at where they are today, many would mention a highly skilled agent they had the privilege of sitting close to and absorbing their expertise. Call Journey is very much that agent at scale, having knowledge and insights ready to deploy throughout your company. Regardless of location, your best agents nearshore can learn from your agents anywhere in the world.  

Here are a few of the many ways Call Journey delivers for your agents and leadership:  

  • Boost agent and contact center efficiency with real-time analytics 
  • Forecast business growth and improve cash flow  
  • Measure empathetic customer connections. 
  • Understanding opportunities for agent training, coaching, and retention.  
  • Retain market share by reducing customer churn. 

Past performance and historical data can help forecast growth. Traditionally Quality Assurance would use a past call/contact to coach using a small amount of data with limited comprehensive insights. With Call Journey, coaching is enhanced by surfacing a swath of, for instance, revenue opportunities, where agents can explore deeper customer engagements.   

Compliance Adherence and Consistency with Call Journey 

Compliance and consistency of scripting are essential to highly regulated industries like health care & finance, and Call Journey can help agents stay on track. Nobody likes having a call “barged in” on when speaking; it interrupts the flow. With powerful AI from Call Journey, adherence happens across all modes of communication: chat, email and voice. 

One of the biggest reasons for lack of adherence can be the inability to find the information while looking for a sheet or note during the call. Proactive and anticipatory measures are taken with Call Journey to ensure the agent has what they need to deliver for a great customer and adherence experience.  

Call Journey & InflowCX A Partnership That Delivers For Your Contact Center  

InflowCX has one mission: To Elevate the customer experience in your organization. Partnering with Call Journey is one of the many ways to elevate your customer experience and agent experience. Call Journey is a powerful analytics platform that complements the InflowCX Contact Center consulting process. 

The best partnerships start with a conversation about your needs. 

 Let’s discuss how InflowCX can help you deliver what is important to you and your customers.  

About Call Journey 

Call Journey is a next-generation voice analytics provider that drives unparalleled business outcomes for contact centers worldwide. Our mission is to deliver insights via Interaction AI to help companies understand their customers and people better, so they can do better.  

AI-powered people analytics software converts conversations from voice, email, and chat into insights that reduce costs, improve financial performance, and drive higher customer engagements. We make conversations searchable by interrogating your data. 

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