Understanding the Contact Center Ecosystem: Insights from InflowCX’s Senior CX Consultant 

Understanding the Contact Center Ecosystem: Insights from InflowCX’s Senior CX Consultant 

“If you want to truly understand someone you should walk a mile in their shoes” is a phrase that we are all familiar with. At InflowCX that is a way of life for our team, and for many of us we have walked a marathon or two in the contact center.  

The contact center is an ecosystem, full of daily wins, losses, frustrations, and emotions that are impossible not to take home with you. We know what it is like to feel the wrath of an upset customer for something that the company never intended (power outage, software down, etc.). Still taking ownership of the issue and making it right with the customer.  

Our team collectively has centuries of experience when all are added together. Some of us (ok many of us) remember when a phone, mail, and fax were the only deployable tools to contact customers. Simply put, to say we are passionate about the contact center and more importantly the people that live it day in and day out is an understatement.  

We recently sat down with Amy Behbehani, Senior CX Consultant on the Inflow Experience podcast to discuss her journey from customer to consultant and creating “aha” moments with our customers.  

Moving to the Cloud Contact Center with Uplift   

Amy, like a lot of our team, has a long history of customer service and helping customers. During her time at Uplift in addition to her role as Senior Director of Customer Service and Operations, she was tasked with finding a better way to handle internal and external communications for the company.  

While searching for contact center solutions she came across Genesys as one that she wanted to learn more about. Genesys referred her to InflowCX to further the discussion and help guide her through what was needed.  

“In addition to the full plate I already had, I was now trying to gather all the needs from every department. Customer Service, Accounting, Marketing, the list, and needs went on and on. InflowCX assigned a project manager who handled all of that for us. That was a huge relief” Amy quickly understood the value that InflowCX brought.

Uplift’s previous solution was premise-based and not flexible. Being a startup experiencing amazing growth they quickly outgrew that system. Uplift needed a new solution quickly and InflowCX delivered. Eight weeks from signature to implementation, which helped cure a lot of problems from multiple departments.  

Passion for Helping Other Contact Center Leaders 

After the implementation, Amy was asked to participate in several CCaaS webinars and engagements helping other companies answer questions about moving to the cloud with their contact center. The opportunity to help others relieve their frustrations presented itself here at InflowCX and she took it. InflowCX, our customers, and the industry are better for it thanks to Amy’s passion.  

“When I am speaking with contact center leaders, I can feel their pain because I have experienced that pain. Very quickly, I can connect with customers because they understand I come from their world and I ‘get it’ when it comes to their daily lives without them needing to explain the back story.”  

Being able to uncover the need behind the need with customers and go deep into what is truly needed. Not just curing the symptom, but the root problem. For instance, customers may have an issue with call quality, which can easily be solved. However, this may also be causing issues with quality assurance and subsequently performance management, which we can help create a better process for that.  

Creating Internal Buy-in For Contact Center Solutions 

Knowing that you need a new platform or that changes need to be made is one thing, but getting the CFO or others to approve the budget is the real challenge. So, when Amy hears customers say, “IT will never go for this”, she is able to tell her story of how she positioned the solution internally to help the internal process.  

The internal sale is often the challenge, so speaking to internal stakeholders is a big part of what we do here at InflowCX. It is not often that one solution can solve a lot of issues differently for all departments. Knowing how different solutions work together or complement each other is critical.  

Workforce management (WFM) and Performance Management are part technology and part process. Having a team like InflowCX weave those solutions together while also developing a new process is a big part of what we do. It is not just technology, it is people, processes, and technology.  

Passion for People Process & Technology 

If good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from making mistakes then we certainly have a lot of “experience” here at InflowCX! “I love to share with customers who are worried about Chatbots for instance. I can tell them with certainty ‘you are worried about administering this solution because it is new’. Then I tell them my story about Chatbots.” Amy has been able to relate to customers in so many ways because she has made mistakes like all of us. 

Mistakes are a part of learning, and contact center leaders, agents, and business leaders have the opportunity to learn from not only our mistakes but the collective mistakes of our customers as well.   

With so much noise around the contact center, it is easy to get buried in buzzwords. Having leaders like Amy is a great luxury for us and our customers because she sees things from the other side, the real contact center side. She not only sees from that angle, but she also solves problems from that angle.  

Contact Center Strategy Begins with InflowCX 

Listen to the full podcast with Amy wherever you listen to podcasts or on our site. We have just paraphrased what Amy does, and it is always better in her words! She has a great story, and we are glad to have her on our team.  

If you would like to hear more stories from our team, and how we help create clarity in the noisy world of CCaaS, contact us today! Our team has literally been in your position and we love to hear from our peers and solve today’s issues with years of experience.