Unified Communications In A Remote World

Unified Communications In A Remote World

Having a remote workforce in some way shape or form is part of many companies’ culture today. What was taboo to bring up in company efficiency meetings is part of who we are and places that were stubborn about not allowing employees to stay home even once a week are starting to understand the benefits of a remote working environment. 

Having collaboration tools that help enable your employees can help enhance the efficiency of working remotely even more. We all know the power that Zoom brings with video collaboration, that is why many companies chose to partner with Zoom for their video conferencing. However, there are even more capabilities in the world of Unified Communications that your now remote office needs. 

One Call Can Happen On Different Devices Seamlessly 

Being able to take a call on your laptop or desktop with your headset and roam around the house, or do dishes while on a call is commonplace. Being able to take that same call on the road, and switch seamlessly to your smartphone so you can continue the call on the road is one of the many features that RingCentral provides.

RingCentral is a great all-inclusive UC solution that integrates chat, and channels, and has a robust lineup of integrations that make it great for small and large businesses alike. Easily share files, start department chats or groups, turn a regular call into a screen share, or video call easily on the go or in the office. 

Train Employees Remotely While On The Phone With Customers

One of the largest frustrations in hiring new employees remotely and not in person is the mentoring aspect. Having a “Y Cord” to listen in on customer conversations is easy with features from Zoom phone. Mentoring, coaching, and development are three areas that leaders have cited being more challenging than in person. 

Having leaders be able to listen live to calls either when asked by the employee or proactively is one thing. Having the ability to “whisper” in the ear of the employee or barge in if asked to do so are a few of the great training and ongoing features available with Zoom phone. Layer in the integrations with Salesforce, Slack, and other large players in the space and you can see why Zoom is a real player in the UC world. 

One Screen For Everything Your Employees Need 

Yes, one screen for everything you need is what makes Mitel MiVoice Connect such a great platform for remote working. IM, video, screen sharing, file sharing and so much more is available on one screen. 

Find contacts, and connect with them easily while integrating with your CRM so that the details of the conversation never get lost. Having all your employee’s needs addressed in one screen can help those employees that are not so great at dealing with change have a simple solution that’s easy to use and understand.

Empowering Workers In A Remote World Should Be Easy

If you are navigating the remote world for the first time and wondering how you can increase productivity, accountability, and performance while making it easy for your employees, we should talk. Set up a time to speak with the experts because this is how we have been operating for decades and if there is a tool you are considering we have used it!