Utilize Workforce Management Tools to Create a Better Experience For Your Customers

Utilize Workforce Management Tools to Create a Better Experience For Your Customers

Nothing and we mean nothing says “your call is NOT important to us” to a customer than being on hold for 45 minutes hearing “your call is important to us, please stay on the line and the next available representative will be right with you.” There has to be a better way to provide a great customer experience in your contact center, and there is. 

We all have our own personal experiences being on hold for a crazy amount of time, and rarely do we hear of the amazing experience we had when speaking or interacting with a company. That is what a contact center should strive for, is to have such an amazing customer experience that the customer reaches resolution so quickly that it doesn’t interfere with their day. 

Which Comes First In Your Contact Center: The Tools Or The Talent?

Having the right talent without the tools can cause frustration for those agents. Having the tools without the talent may cause your CFO a lot of restless nights because the ROI for the expense is absent. 

Unless you are spinning up a brand new contact center then this shouldn’t be a concern. We have found that the most talented agents embrace technology that makes them more efficient and enables them to spend more time concentrating on solving the customer issue. Most likely you have the talent in place, so having the tools implemented is the logical next step. 

Genesys Cloud Enlightens The Customer Experience In The Contact Center 

Having the right tools like Genesys Cloud CX unifies customer and agent experiences across phone, email, chat, text, and social channels. What is great about Genesys’ platform is that any touchpoint with the customer is an opportunity to automate or bring an agent into the flow of the conversation. Maybe that is on social, chat, a phone call, email, or all of the above Genesys can make it smooth.

Whatever your industry the integrations from Genesys Cloud are seemingly endless. With open APIs and our amazing engineers whatever needs to happen CAN and will happen for your contact center. If it makes sense for your business, the agent, and the customer then there is a solution. Genesys Cloud is where automation, omnichannel, and customer experience all collide to deliver a solution as unique as your company. 

No Matter The Solution In Your Contact Center, You Need WFM  

Workforce Management in the contact center means maximizing your agent’s time and skillset to make sure they are in the right place, at the right time for the right interaction.  A good strategy involves proper scheduling, anticipating future needs as much as possible, skills management, attendance, same-day management, agent empowerment, and other factors unique to your contact center. 

If you are thinking that you should have had this in place before the pandemic, you are not alone. Incorporating work from home and a hybrid approach are additional considerations that factor into a good WFM strategy. You can’t anticipate everything you need on a daily basis however working with an experienced contact center consultant like InflowCX can help you account for all of the known factors, which make up for 90-95% of your day. 

Having a target “wait time” is harder to pin down, especially with the ever-widening definition of what “omnichannel” covers. What once was email and phone call has become email, phone call, chat, social, SMS, and more. We understand that equation because we also account for that expansive definition on a daily basis here at InflowCX. Sitting down with our expert team and defining that metric is a small part of what we do in our contact center Consulting process. 

Contact Center Consulting For Today’s Contact Center 

We have been part of the contact center industry since it was known as the call center. While some may not want to date themselves we have no issue with it! We have learned a lot in our journey to where we are today.

Whether it is WFM, automating what you can for your agents, or just understanding what is available in the ever-evolving contact center our team can help. Contact us to see how InflowCX can help you elevate the customer experience in your contact center.