Part 1 – Transforming Customer Experience with AI: The Bakkt Story of Partnership and Innovation

Join us for a Fireside Chat as we explore the transformative journey of Bakkt, a company at the forefront of the crypto economy, in redefining customer experience through cutting-edge AI technology. This exclusive event brings together key stakeholders—Bakkt, Level AI, and Inflow CX—to share their collaborative success story.

Key Highlights:

  • The Power of Partnerships: Uncover how strategic consulting partnerships played a crucial role in defining Bakkt’s goals, simplifying the vendor selection process, and ensuring alignment with top technology providers in the financial services sector.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Explore Bakt’s decision-making process that led to the selection of a trusted consulting partner and an AI technology solution, marking a pivotal moment in Bakkt’s innovative journey.
  • Operational Transformation: Gain insights into the challenges Bakkt faced, the strategic goals set to achieve scalability through technology, and the impressive results of these initiatives. AI
  • Technology Differentiation: Learn about the distinguishing features of chosen AI technologies, including approaches that prioritize “real AI”, adapt to future needs, and deliver significant ROI.
  • Achieving Tangible Results: Discover the benefits Bakkt has experienced by implementing cutting-edge AI solutions, from improved call type and agent performance analysis to deeper customer insights, all achieved with enhanced operational efficiency.
  • The Reality of AI in Customer Experience: Participate in a straightforward discussion on the actual impact of AI in customer experience, addressing common misconceptions and emphasizing the importance of selecting appropriate technology partners for long-term success.

This is a must-watch for leaders and innovators in customer experience, financial services, and AI technology sectors. Whether you’re embarking on your AI journey or looking to elevate your current strategies, gain invaluable insights and advice from those who’ve successfully navigated the path of AI-driven transformation.