WFM, Outsourcing, And Automation Will Solve the Labor Shortage for Your Contact Center

WFM, Outsourcing, And Automation Will Solve the Labor Shortage for Your Contact Center

Turnover in the contact center is estimated to be between 30% and 45% depending on the source. However, if you are part of a contact center, you already know those numbers to be true. It is clear that the labor shortage in the contact center is not going away unless proper steps are taken to make it a thing of the past.   

While there is no single silver bullet fix for contact center labor shortages, a combination of three solutions, operating in harmony, holds the potential to significantly alleviate the challenges your contact center faces.  

AI-driven Workforce Management (WFM),  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and automation are pivotal in addressing these challenges. Combining the forces of all three can and will solve your staffing issues if done correctly.  To create harmony you need a maestro, someone to coordinate everything to be in sync. While we work on finding a good maestro, we thought it would be good for you to see how these instruments can be a critical part of your contact center symphony.  

AI-Powered Workforce Management (WFM): Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity 

Workforce management in contact centers is increasingly powered by artificial intelligence (AI). AI technologies are revolutionizing how staffing decisions are made by predicting call volumes and scheduling staff with precision. This approach addresses labor shortages by optimizing available resources and improves overall operational efficiency. 

Key Benefits of AI-Driven WFM 

  1. Predictive Scheduling: AI algorithms analyze historical data and predict future call volumes, allowing for optimal staffing without over or under-staffing. 
  1. Employee Skill Matching: AI-driven contact center systems assess employee skills and qualifications to match them with the most suitable shifts and roles, enhancing overall performance. 
  1. Real-time Adjustments: AI tools provide the ability to adjust schedules in real-time based on sudden changes in call volume or staffing, ensuring continuous service delivery. 
  1. Reduced Turnover: By aligning work schedules more closely with employee preferences and reducing burnout, AI-driven WFM can help lower staff turnover rates, a critical benefit considering ongoing labor shortages. 

At its core, WFM ensures adequate staffing during peak call times, while also factoring in variables such as weather or special events that could lead to increased call volumes for your business. Adding layers to shorten the time that customers need to wait for that expertise is a good step in elevating your customer experience.  

Making sure the customer has a true first-contact resolution is optimal for CSAT and cost-per-contact metrics. Multiple studies have shown that for every 1% gain in first contact resolution, operating costs also drop by 1%. If you want to reduce costs while increasing CSAT, look no further!  

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Expanding Capacity and Expertise 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the contact center extends beyond mere cost reduction; it involves partnering with external organizations to manage certain operational functions, such as customer service via phone, email, chat support or any combination you think would benefit your contact center. 

BPO can significantly alleviate labor pressures by providing access to a global talent pool, ready to be integrated into your contact center’s operations.  

Advantages of BPO for Contact Centers 

  1. Scalability: BPO allows contact centers to scale operations up or down based on demand without the constraints associated with hiring and training new staff. 
  1. Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing can be more cost-effective, reducing the need for extensive infrastructure and fixed labor costs. 
  1. 24/7 Service: With BPO partners in different time zones, contact centers can offer around-the-clock customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction. 
  1. Specialization and Quality: Many BPO firms specialize in specific industries or services, offering high-quality service that can exceed in-house capabilities. 

AI, WFM, and BPO Is the Cure for The Labor Shortage in The Contact Center 

Integrating AI-driven WFM with BPO strategies presents a formidable solution to the labor challenges in contact centers. This combination allows for the alignment of internal efficiencies and external expertise, ensuring that customer service operations are flexible, fluid, and meeting customer demands.  

  1. Enhanced Forecasting and Planning: AI-enhanced WFM tools provide precise forecasting that helps determine when to engage BPO services most effectively. 
  1. Optimized Resource Allocation: Combining AI-driven insights with the flexibility of BPO can lead to optimized resource allocation, ensuring that every customer interaction is handled by the best available resource, whether in-house or outsourced. 
  1. Continuous Improvement: AI tools can analyze performance metrics from both in-house and outsourced operations, providing insights that drive continuous improvement across all platforms. 

What differentiates AI-driven contact center solutions from the previous generation is the ability to learn and adapt over time. The more you guide AI the more it anticipates the needs of your business and implements a proactive approach.  

InflowCX Is Helping Contact Center Leaders Optimize Through AI, Automation & Outsourcing  

With each new article published and every expert speaker featured at tradeshows, it is easy to get the feeling that you are behind most of your peers in the contact center industry. Yet, our observation reveals that many contact center leaders are actively strategizing the best past forward. This process can feel a bit like learning to fly a plane while you’re building it.   

Simply put, it is hard to navigate all the solutions, vendors, platforms, and options available with BPO, WFM, AI, Automation, and more. That is why having InflowCX as a partner helps you understand and collaborate on the best path forward for your organization. We have the tools, the relationships, the expertise, and most importantly, the time to listen to you.  

We start every relationship by understanding your business first; everything else, platforms, vendors, and solutions, all come second. One call to our team of experts gets the wheels in motion to help your contact center deliver on your commitments to your customers, your employees, and you. Make that call today!