What is BPO Call Center and How Can it Help My Business?

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If you’ve thought to yourself “what is a BPO call center and how can it help my business”, then you’re in the right place. Call centers act to receive incoming calls from customers and potential clients to be able to provide answers, advice, and a plan of action. Beyond receiving calls, BPO call centers can reach out and make calls to ensure quality service either by following up on questions or providing more details. Call centers are a crucial component of businesses as it’s the first point of contact for many customers.

Many businesses overlook the importance of a call center when your contact center could be your biggest profit center. Call centers help establish the branding and marketing of your business for the customers that use this service. An ineffective call center could lead to missed opportunities and poor representation in the mind of a customer. Be aware of the contact center metric that could be costing you millions.

What is a BPO Call Center?

What is a BPO call center? This may be a question you’ve been asking yourself if you’ve been following the recent trends in call centers or have been feeling uneasy about your contact center platform. A BPO call center refers to business process outsourcing (BPO). This is the process of another outsourced business operating your call center. There are many benefits that can improve the efficiency of your business. In addressing what is BPO call center, these resources can extend beyond just answering inbound calls and making outbound calls like an ordinary call center. A BPO call center can also conduct tasks like:

  • Customer support
  • Accounting functions
  • Market Research
  • Technical Support
  • Lead Generation
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Should Your Business Seek to Implement a BPO Call Center?

Considering outsourcing a component of your business is an important decision. It takes time to come to the right decision while also finding the right firm that aligns with your goals. There are many benefits to outsourcing that can allow your business to take the next steps and operate at an advantage. If your business has been wondering what a BPO call center is and should we outsource? Now is the time to learn the advantages and make a final decision.

How Can a BPO Call Center Help My Business?

There are many benefits to working with a BPO call center that can drastically improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. An outsourced team can take a load off your current teams, allowing you to redirect their efforts to other projects. The benefits can depend on the business and the goals you wish to achieve.

To make the most out of these benefits, check out our contact center solutions.

Provides the Right People

Contact centers receive hundreds of questions a day through interacting with a variety of customers. Finding the right answer and solution is crucial for any call center interaction to build trust and reputation. If your business has highly trained employees in their respective fields, it can be challenging to find the right employees to fill your call center with technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

The right people are the best solution in your contact center as they have been trained to handle many calls during the day and can represent your business accurately. A BPO call center will work closely with you to understand how to accurately represent your branding while providing helpful information to the customers.

Labor Shortage Resistant

Call center positions are highly competitive as many businesses are competing for the same pool of talent. The turnover rate of employees has been reaching historical highs after the effects of the pandemic and the change in the workplace environment. With high turnover rates, it can be costly to spend money on recruiting, onboarding, training, and coaching in a volatile job market. 

These risks can be reduced through the use of a BPO call center. Look towards solving the labor shortage in your call center with BPO call centers as they specialize in call center affairs and can attract the best talent. There are many resources available to BPO call centers that may not be available for in-house training. Coaches and trainers are available to sit in on every call to be able to provide the highest quality service and meet the requirements of your branding.

Improves the Agent’s Experience

Businesses are looking at many solutions regarding their need for outsourced call centers. A popular opinion is that AI and automation will replace agents in call centers. At a BPO call center, we combine agents with technology to make their careers more efficient and rewarding. An experienced agent is the most valuable resource for a call center as they have refined their skills and advanced their knowledge through the years. 

Automation works with agents to minimize tedious tasks as we learn how automation outsourcing can improve the agent experience. All call centers will experience points of high stress which can lead to many calls being queued. The automation process will help distinguish higher complexity calls from the more routine calls to direct the customer to the most appropriate agent to help guide them.

24/7 Customer Support

A BPO call center is not limited to the normal operation hours of the average business day. Many call centers will be operational during your business hours, but after hours the host location can shift. Since you no longer are supporting the team in-house, the call center team does not need to be in the same region or time zone as your business.

Around-the-clock support helps reduce the congestion of calls as they can be answered at any point in the day with quality service. Customers will remember and appreciate this attention to detail as they can trust in the ability to receive support and feedback regarding the usage of your products and services. There is an added benefit of increasing the potential for lead generation as you increase your operating hours.


Running your in-house call center department is resource intensive. The costs to consider are employment, recruiting, onboarding, training, coaching, development, upgrades, maintenance, and much more. These costs add up quickly and could negatively impact your business in the long run. Not only will the costs be detrimental, but the resources could be put towards something more impactful for your growth and business goals. 

BPO call centers can help drastically reduce the cost of a call center as there are dedicated resources for agents. Instead of spending exorbitant amounts on an in-house call center, those funds can be redirected to help support other departments and increase the potential for leads and innovation.

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National and Global Expansion

Not being restricted to your campus or business center can greatly increase the potential to meet and interact with new clients. A BPO call center can be located anywhere within your nation or even expand globally. With agents spread across the globe, your brand awareness can also expand as those in the region become more familiar with your work and services.

Meet Customer Demand

One of the key components of expanding your business is being able to take on more customers. More customers will inevitably lead to more calls to your call center. An in-house call center can be slow to react to growing customer demand as you need to pour more resources into the operation. With a BPO call center, expansion is simple. BPO call centers take on many clients and their customers, constantly expanding and providing training for how to handle growth.

BPO Call Center: Next Steps

Transitioning to a BPO call center can be a lucrative decision for many businesses after consideration. An outsourced call center can help reduce internal costs and promote growth and expansion. These perks can be combined with understanding the twelve signs you’re ready to upgrade to a cloud contact center.

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