What is CCaaS? What is the Difference Between UCaaS and CCaaS?

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Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) have seen increased popularity as more businesses transition to remote work environments. While both technologies enable companies to streamline communication and improve efficiency, they serve very different purposes. UCaaS is designed to integrate internal communication through a single interface. CCaaS technology, on the other hand, serves the purpose of expediting communication between a company’s agents and its customers.

What is CCaaS?

Contact center as a Service (CCaaS) uses a subscription-based model to provide cloud-based contact centers. CCaaS gives businesses access to a provider’s contact center through a scalable pricing model in which specific features are available on a a-la-carte basis. Entirely hosted by the provider in an offsite data center, CCaaS helps users avoid the costs of housing expensive in-house IT while simultaneously offering a solution that can be adapted to your business’ needs.

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How is CCaaS Different from UCaaS?

Unified communications as a Service (UCaas) typically involves software that enhances communication between team members within an organization. Most UCaas solutions are designed for internal use, which is why the software is primarily focused on video conferencing, collaboration, and project management. CCaaS solutions, on the other hand, are designed for use by contact centers, and therefore focus on external communication and customer experience.

Benefits of CCaaS

Excellent customer service is a critical aspect of any business’ success. CCaaS solutions are built to provide a better customer experience by exceeding the capabilities of on-premise contact centers. With scalable, cost effective, and efficient features, CCaaS helps improve both employee and customer satisfaction while saving precious money and time.

1. Improved Customer Experience

Customers are more likely to return to your business if they have a positive experience with your call center. Fortunately, CCaaS solutions make it easy to collect, track, and analyze customer data. This data can then be used to evaluate which areas of your customer relations are most effective and which need to be improved upon. Most data produced by CCaaS can also be streamlined to create full customer profiles, which can enable you to interact with customers more effectively. CCaaS can also boost efficiency, with automation built into the system and less demand on employees to complete repetitive tasks. Asking agents to complete these manual, repetitive tasks themselves can be time consuming, taking resources away from the customer interactions that actually drive business.

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2. Better Contact Center Agent Experience

Agents are more likely to maintain focus and satisfaction if they can complete all their work through one central platform. CCaaS systems give agents the flexibility to transition from channel to channel with the click of a button. For example, an interaction between an agent and customer may first start off via chat but can migrate to email or phone effortlessly. CCaaS also enables agents to work from anywhere and receive guidance and feedback during their calls. The data tools that come with CCaaS give employers and managers the insight necessary to improve employee engagement and training. By allowing employees to work remotely, CCaaS also eliminates commute times for employees. With CCaaS, recruiting and retaining the best staff for your contact center is no longer limited by geographic parameters.

3. Increased Efficiency

A CCaaS system gives agents the ability to transition between tasks and channels. Using CCaaS, an initial phone call between a customer and agent can easily be transferred over to a live chat. Without CCaaS, unexpectedly high call volumes can quickly overwhelm and overtax staff trying to keep up with the influx of calls. CCaaS systems include multiple features that increase response time including call monitoring and recording, silent monitoring, video meetings, instant messaging, and file sharing.

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4. Cost Savings

As a cloud solution, CCaaS solutions eliminate many of the traditional costs associated with call centers, including hardware, maintenance, and IT department staffing costs. CCaaS solutions are priced based on usage, giving business control over how much they spend on services. Many CCaaS providers offer pay-as-you-go models for small businesses and fixed-cost monthly plans for larger organizations. These pay-as-you-go models are built to scale as well. As your business grows, you can expand bandwidth and add new features as you wish. Since CCaaS users don’t need to purchase physical hardware, transferring over to a CCaaS system can save thousands on startup costs alone. Most CCaaS solutions are set at a fixed monthly price, making it easy to budget your communication expenses for the year.

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5. Scalability and Flexibility

CCaaS provides the ability to scale your call center up or down quickly and easily without affecting your company’s performance. As your business grows, you can ask your provider to input additional features or add users to expand your teams’ capabilities. Contact centers can easily be set up remotely while maintaining the same scale and flexibility. The remote setup of CCaaS also enables businesses to scale their workforce without the need to expand their office space. With many providers, you can install smartphone and personal computer apps on each employee’s device to allow them to work remotely.

6. Enhanced Security

When it comes to customer interactions, the security of customer data and information must be a top priority. On each call, customers can share personal and even confidential information with agents. CCaaS solutions offer security solutions that match or exceed those of on-premise contact centers. Data on CCaaS platforms is not stored in one central location. Rather, all data is stored in the cloud, making it more secure than on-premise storage. CCaaS also offers superior security by imposing controls over which customer and company data is available.

While CCaaS have come a long way in terms of security, data breaches are still a chief concern for most organizations. By partnering with a cloud provider that prioritizes security and uses robust internal cybersecurity practices, your organization can take advantage of all the benefits of CCaaS without worrying about increased cyber risk.

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