What You Need To Know About Genesys PureConnect End Of Life 

What You Need To Know About Genesys PureConnect End Of Life 

So maybe you have heard, or received updates about Genesys PureConnect. Are you thinking you need to prepare Y2K style for a massive event? You can stop stocking up on canned goods, because InflowCX is here to answer your questions, prepare you for what’s next and provide you with the guidance needed to elevate your customer experience in the contact center. 

Here are the questions we have been answering the most for PureConnect clients, we are always here to help, so if you prefer to chat online, call us or send an email we are happy to consult with you and your team. 

When was the PureConnect End Of Life announcement made? 

The announcement was made in May of 2022. With all of the updates that come with all of the technology our clients utilize it is possible that the announcement was missed. We will continue to notify, consult and educate our clients on options for the foreseeable future. 

What does this mean for our Contact Center who uses Genesys PureConnect? 

You and your contact center will continue to be supported on PureConnect through the end of July, 2025. You are eligible to move to another solution like Genesys Cloud CX or Genesys Multicloud CX. You can continue to use PureConnect while working with InflowCX to migrate to another solution. Some important dates/timelines to consider regarding PureConnect:

  • There will be limited product releases until 2024
  • You can add more capacity for your business needs until 2024
  • Support will continue until July 2025 

What about further feature development or third-party integration support for

PureConnect products going forward?

There will be minimal releases and upgrades on PureConnect through December 2023. We will continue minimal releases and upgrades on the platform through December 31, 2023. Starting January of 2024 there will be zero innovation or new releases on PureConnect. 

What about bug fixes for PureConnect, where does that fall in the timeline?

Bug fixes and patches will continue to be released through July 2025, this is considered part of the support package. 

What happens to our PureConnect system as of July 2025? 

PureConnect On-Premise Customers: Your license will stop working when the license keys expire. However for perpetual premise customers the system can continue to be used however you will not receive bug fixes or support after July 2025. 

PureConnect Cloud Customers: The platform will be shut down and any users on this platform will be de-activated. The system will cease to operate. 

What are the advantages of moving to a cloud based platform for my Contact Center?

The bulk of the innovation in the contact center and IT world in general is in the cloud. Even Genesys has stated that there will only be a very minute limited amount of updates for their Premise Based technology. The runway is short and fastly approaching. Flexibility, work from anywhere, workforce enablement and so much more is available in the cloud. 

How have other customers done with their migration to the cloud? 

We have helped thousands of customers with their migration to the cloud. It starts with a complete complementary contact center consultation, and we always start with your business (not solutions) first. We have partnered with the best in the industry to ensure we have the right combination to make your business successful. Let’s start there, with a few questions and a lot of listening from us. 

Are there any incentives for moving to a Cloud Contact Center Solution? 

Absolutely there are, and as a top partner with all major CCaaS platforms, we have the tools, expertise, and programs to help you quickly get to the cloud. If Genesys is a good fit for your business needs, you can try Genesys Cloud CX for free for up to 12 months before you make your move. 

InflowCX Is Here To Help You On Your Contact Center Journey, Period. 

No matter where you find yourself, or how confident you are with the cloud we are here to help. We have helped our clients with concerns ranging from hardware to security to support and everything in between. If you have any questions we didn’t answer, or maybe you would like further explanation on, don’t hesitate to contact us today!