Wondering What to Do If Avaya Goes Out of Business? We Have a Plan for That 

Wondering What to Do If Avaya Goes Out of Business? We Have a Plan for That 

Avaya has been a staple of the communication industry for decades, and they have made some incredible turnarounds in the past. While we hope that can still happen, the reality is that the writing has been on the wall for traditional premise-based and most “premise-born” companies.  

Having helped companies transition to cloud communication platforms we understand the dynamics, anxiety, strategy, steps to take, and much more that goes into that transition. Sometimes events outside of our control can be a catalyst for implementing changes that were long overdue. We have also seen those events shorten the roadmap to migrating to the cloud.  

Avaya Is a Metaphor for The Communication Industry’s Current Status 

Innovation and the capital to fund that innovation is in the cloud. Genesys has made several end-of-life announcements about its premise and even hybrid solutions. Cloud-native companies like Salesforce have made moves to acquire providers like Five9. Microsoft made a large investment in the cloud and is making its chess move to fully enter the enterprise communications world.  

The reality is, Avaya and other companies made the right moves to migrate to the cloud. Those moves just were not fast enough or were made years too late. By the time they were ready to deploy their cloud-offering contact centers and the business world had largely made the decision without them as a consideration.  

Cloud Communications Options Can Be Overwhelming and Full of Buzzwords 

Everything is backed by “revolutionary AI technology fueled by machine learning”. You will see some variation of this from the industry, and it is absolutely 100% true. However, being able to diagnose how that is applicable to your business can be challenging.  

The solution itself is not the only consideration, it is one of the many points to consider. A few of the items on the checklist should include:  

  • Integration With Your CRM 
  • Current Business Initiatives 
  • Location Of Your Team(s) 
  • Your Vertical/Industry 
  • Future Expansion Plans  

There are a lot more on the punch list to go through, however, it does not need to be a daunting or exhausting list. Partnering with an integration partner who is truly technology agnostic is a good first step. The communication industry has seen what happens when a company tries to fit the company to its solution. When that happens, thinking technology first, we all lose.  

InflowCX Helping Companies with Avaya Migration and More  

Yes, we have helped many companies transition from Avaya to a cloud-based communication solution. We have also helped companies migrate from other providers as well. One staple of our process that will never change is our customer-centric approach.  

Let’s start with a conversation about your business goals, objectives & culture. That is a great place to start, and how the story behind all our thousands of industry-leading satisfied customers began.  

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