Your Contact Center Solution Shouldn’t Be a Problem  

Your Contact Center Solution Shouldn’t Be a Problem  

The very definition of “solution” is “a means to solving a problem”. So why do some CCaaS solutions create more problems? There are many reasons that this can happen, and at InflowCX we pride ourselves on being a solution provider, not a problem provider. Our team has helped clients at virtually every stage of the contact center platform cycle. 

A CCaaS solution should be precisely that, a solution. That solution can cover a wide range of problems, however, it should not create more problems for your contact center, agents, or leadership. Here are three of the top reasons why CCaaS solutions have caused more problems than they should, and how you can prevent these from happening.  

No Investment in Ongoing Training  

This is one of the more disappointing things our team sees because the enthusiasm and excitement of a new contact center solution turn into frustration. While everyone chalks up the feelings to “people don’t like change”, we have found that to be false. Contact center agents are some of the most flexible and open-minded professionals we have encountered. No one likes to change without value.  

The CCaaS provider or IT team puts together a hasty initial training, focusing on features and functionality versus the impact on customer experience and the importance to the overall performance of the company. There is a time for self-service, and the initial implementation is not that time. This is an investment, a large investment in your people and company. Training and ongoing education in the contact center are critical to the success of the solution. 

Here is the InflowCX 10-step guide to successful CCaaS training: 

  1. Schedule training sessions: Determine the training schedule and allocate sufficient time for each. Plan for initial training (now), refresher training (2 weeks out), and ongoing training (quarterly). 
  1. Identify training goals: Identify the training goals and objectives for each training session. Ensure that the training aligns with your business requirements and expected outcomes. 
  1. Prepare training materials: Prepare training materials, including user manuals, online courses, video tutorials, and other resources. Use visual aids, real-life scenarios, and hands-on training to help your team learn effectively. 
  1. Provide early access to the new CCaaS solution: Ensure that your team has access to the new CCaaS solution. Provide login credentials, access codes, and instructions on how to access the system. 
  1. Train on the basics: Start with the basics, such as how to log in, navigate the interface, and perform basic tasks. Provide step-by-step instructions and demonstrate each task. 
  1. Train on advanced features: Once your team is comfortable with the basics, train them on advanced features, such as call routing, IVR, agent scripting, and reporting. 
  1. Conduct role-specific training: Train each team member according to their role in the contact center. Provide role-specific training, such as agent, supervisor, and administrator training. 
  1. Conduct hands-on training: Provide hands-on training to help your team learn by doing. Let them practice using the new CCaaS solution with real-life scenarios and customer interactions. 
  1. Create A User Panel: Recruit or have your managers select agents from all functions to participate in a user panel to identify issues and share efficiencies and best practices. Consider each member a delegate to represent their team/department.  
  1. Evaluate training effectiveness: Evaluate the effectiveness of your training by conducting assessments, gathering feedback, and measuring performance. Use data-driven insights to refine your training program. 

Putting All Your CCaaS Eggs In One Basket 

CCaaS solutions should almost be considered an ecosystem, with different companies being allowed to play nicely on the playground together. Even as little as 5 years ago there were far fewer providers and solutions available, so having one solution like ShoreTel was doable. Those days are a thing of the past. 

We live in the age of integration and robust solutions playing nicely together. With industry leaders having open marketplaces and innovators like Zapier to fill any gaps that may arise, your CCaaS solution can be as unique as your business. There is no need to settle for a solution that gets you 85% of the way there when you can get all the way to where your goals dictate.  

Finding an agnostic contact center consultant like InflowCX that is not tied to one singular solution is imperative in your quest to find the right solution for you. Of course, every CCaaS provider believes their solution is the right one, and sometimes they are right. Having a completely neutral view of the players, solutions, and integrations gives us the ability to help present options that only your team knows if they meet your business objectives.  

Absence of Continued Innovation & Support  

Look no further than all of the end-of-life announcements over the past year regarding on-premise solutions and you can see why this is important. The innovation is in the cloud because that is where all the investments are being made. While there is no immediate threat when choosing a cloud-based CCaaS solution, doing your homework can help guide your decision to where the capital is. Because where there is capital, there is innovation.  

The investment in CCaaS from major players like Microsoft & Salesforce to name a few will only enhance the customer experience for many of the solutions available today. With these solutions being in the cloud it enables quick deployment of updates and additional features that a decade ago would have required a six-figure investment in some cases. Now it is simply a software update or a download from the provider.  

Innovation in the contact center is either part of your company’s DNA or it isn’t. Competition has been good for the communication industry as a whole; however, some have been left behind due to their failure to adapt and see the future. AI and machine learning are at the forefront of everything in CCaaS, look for companies who not only harness these technologies but are leading the way on how to create a better customer experience fueled by AI.  

Regardless of The Situation, We Can Help 

If this sounds familiar, or you want to be sure to avoid any of these concerns, this is what we do at InflowCX. We have helped thousands of customers in every situation imaginable. We love a challenge, and more importantly, we like to help our customers avoid roadblocks. Schedule a call with our team today, so we can showcase why we are a solution (not a problem) provider!