Zoom Officially Enters The Contact Center Wars

Zoom Officially Enters The Contact Center Wars

As expected Zoom’s evolution as a true player in the communications world has grown beyond just unified communications. With many features already in place that mirror contact center functionality Zoom has taken the next logical step and announced their CCaaS offering and we welcome them to the arena with open arms and inquiring minds!! 

The cloud has created a new arena for old and new players to compete for market share, the good news is that the customer, end user, and integrators all stand to benefit from this competition. 

Customer Experience Is At The Heart Of Zoom Contact Center’s Offering 

Customers today expect to have video collaboration with the brands they do business with, and Zoom has been at the forefront of us collectively embracing video conferencing as part of our day. Zoom and video go hand in hand and are even part of our everyday vocabulary. Much like Kleenex is the standard term for tissue, “Zoom” is now the standard for video conferencing. 

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Zoom entering the contact center world is refreshing, especially for an industry that defined “contact” as a call for 20 years after email and SMS were available. It is this type of innovation our industry has been waiting on for over a decade. Only a few short years ago the debate was on-premise or cloud when clearly all of the innovation and customer demand was in the cloud. When customer experience is lacking, disruption follows, and Zoom is definitely on the side of a disruptor in the contact center world. 

Taking their passion for customer experience and bringing that to the contact center is a big reason Zoom made the move. Streamlining communication to bring a larger emphasis on true collaboration and having more meaningful conversations in a different way is another angle that Zoom brings to the table. 

Features That Went Beyond Unified Communications Are Also In Zoom Contact Center 

If you are familiar with Zoom Chat, Zoom Meetings, or Zoom Phone you will notice that the friendly features available on those platforms crossover into the contact center offering. The agent and supervisor handling features such as being able to guide the agent with a whisper in their headset or barge into a call are there. 

Skills-based handling and routing are deployable as part of an overall WFM strategy ensuring you have the right agents in the right place. Couple this with other AI capabilities and you are beginning to see how this can really be a viable solution for your contact center.

Your Customer Expects The Features In Zoom Contact Center

Having a company like Zoom, who has been concentrating on the customer experience since its inception, entering the contact center arena is a good thing. Their emphasis on eliminating friction and barriers to true collaboration is at the core of their evolution. If we have learned anything from Zoom it is that their innovation has just started, and they are not afraid to try something new if it improves the customer experience. 

Having Zoom integrated with your website or customer portal makes for a unique experience that customers expect in 2022 and beyond. Being able to turn a chat into a video, screen share or collaborative session is on top of your customer’s minds, and it should be on yours as well.

Is Zoom Contact Center A Consideration For Your Company?

If it is you have landed in the right spot, we have a lot of arrows in our quiver when it comes to deploying the best in contact center technology. If you are wondering how this can benefit you, or just want to learn more about Zoom we should find some time to talk. We did see this coming and we are excited the time is here to see the value Zoom can bring and enhance the customer experience in the contact center.