CX Applications Partner

An Intelligent Workforce Platform Designed For Contact Centers

Observe.AI transforms your contact center end-to-end, surfacing intelligence across every conversation, providing employees highly accurate, actionable feedback using baked-in coaching and evaluation workflows, and improving critical metrics across every customer touchpoint.

Understand, empower, and improve your contact center with a single platform

Analyze every customer conversation with our best-in-class AI engine and get the answers you are looking for to deliver great CX and move your business forward.

Spend less time searching for and evaluating tactical areas of conversations. Be more productive and get precious time back to focus on strategic initiatives.

Don’t leave customer engagement up to chance. Evaluate interactions with a holistic line of sight, level up agents by coaching with situational context, and ensure adherence to best practices.

Eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. Make more informed decisions, helping current agents thrive and onboarding new ones quickly and effectively.

Conversation Intelligence

Transcribe and analyze every agent-customer conversation. Surface insights that improve CX, drive revenue growth, boost operational efficiency and mitigate compliance risk.

Quality Assurance

Monitor quality on 100% of conversations, rapidly evaluate agent performance and deliver contextual feedback that inspires action.

Agent Performance & Coaching

Provide an engaging and impactful experience to every agent. Gain a holistic line of sight into agent performance and support agents with situational context plus targeted coaching feedback.


Make business-improving decisions with focused, actionable reporting on customer conversations, agent performance, and critical contact center metrics.