Five Takeaways from the Five9 CX Summit

Five Takeaways from the Five9 CX Summit

Do you remember those days when ‘customer service’ was the buzzword of every company strategy? Well, times have changed, and if the recent Five9 CX Summit is anything to go by, ‘personalized customer experience’ is the gold standard now.  

Fresh off the trails of this event held at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas our team attended, coming back full of inspiration, insights, and an invigorated passion for the customer experience journey.  

1. AI Continues to Dominate Conversation

 If you have had any conversations about the contact center over the past 8-12 months, then AI was included in the conversations. Technology is not just dominating our industry; it is the topic of conversation in every industry.  

The sessions on AI were well put together and offered unique insights into the application of AI from an agent, customer, and macro contact center level. The summit provided a deep dive into AI’s current and future capabilities in the contact center, focusing on enhancing customer interactions. Five9’s new analytics tool was a star attraction, promising to change the way we perceive and utilize AI in our contact centers. We are looking forward to seeing how Five9 delivers on this last one.  

2. Customized Learning Paths 

Like any show, the more you understand what you are hoping to learn going into it, the more you take away from it. Five9 did well to customize and enable attendees to choose their own adventure as the summit had eight tailored session tracks.  

Each designed to boost your CX strategies in the contact center. From seminars, and fireside chats, to product roadmaps – it was a buffet of knowledge and insights. The diversity of content meant that whether you were a contact center director or a newbie supervisor, there was something insightful awaiting you.  

3. The Speakers Were Focused on CX in the Contact Center

At the heart of every great summit lies an ensemble of thought leaders, those who drive conversations, inspire change, and pen the future narratives. Sometimes you have speakers who are inspiring but lack the knowledge of our industry. While that is great in the macro, oftentimes companies are seeking actionable advice & strategies.  

Five9 delivered boasting a lineup of keynote and guest speakers that read like the who’s who of the customer experience realm. Spearheading the discussion, the Five9 executive team, with the likes of Mike Burkland, the CEO and Chairman, and Jonathan Rosenberg, the CTO, shared illuminating perspectives on the role of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform in shaping customer journeys. Their collective insights were a testament to the platform’s capabilities, painting a picture of how businesses can redefine their CX promise.  

However, the summit wasn’t just reserved for Five9’s best. Leaders from varied fields and organizations, from Ravi Abraham of LendingClub to the esteemed CX expert and author, Shep Hyken, added depth and diversity to the dialogues.  

Whether it was Angela Kourtoglou’s insights from Hanna Andersson or Martin Pitkow’s partnership expertise from Cresta, each voice added a unique note, crafting a symphony of ideas, strategies, and visions. Together, these luminaries not only provided a glimpse into the current state of customer experience but also charted the course for its vibrant future. 

4. People AND Technology Will Shape the Future of the Contact Center

One of the summit’s standout themes was the relationship between tech and human effort. Empowering teams was the theme and one that landed well as AI replacing people is a false narrative in an industry with thousands of job openings. It was good to hear that the industry feels the same way, not being trapped into an “either or” end game scenario.  

With sessions focused on creating an engaged workforce that champions customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, AI empowering agents & leaders is the way forward. Something our team has been consistently driving home with our clients and prospects is that the best in class see automation, AI, and outsourcing working in collaboration as the future of the contact center industry.  

5. Networking Extravaganza

Even with thousands of attendees, it is a small world after all, and summits like this remind all of us of the importance of meeting in person. There are just some conversations that flow naturally in person, and with the experience and tenure of our leadership team it was great to connect.  

There was a lot of interest in how we have evolved over the past several years on our path to becoming InflowCX. Even over the past 5 years it has been fun to see the growth of the industry really taking off in a good way. The opportunity for CCaaS and transforming how companies deliver an ultimate experience has never been greater. You can feel the collective optimism in the air, and we are proud to be a part of it.  

The Five9 Platform Shoutout to Our Hosts  

Five9 did not make it all about themselves, rather they made it about their audience and industry. Attendees had a golden opportunity to roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in the world of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform. The hands-on training sessions unveiled the prowess of Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) and the seamless integration of CCaaS and CRM. 

The future is clearly now for Five9 and how they are grasping the world of AI and automation in the contact center. The innovation, advancement, and growth are entirely in the cloud now, something Five9 has been preparing for over the past 3 decades and it shows.  

Harnessing the Power of CCaaS  

Did you attend the Five9 CX Summit and wondering where to go from here? Did you miss it and just want to know where your contact center stands? There are so many paths to harnessing a great customer experience in the contact center that it can be overwhelming. That is why at InflowCX we start with the most important part of the equation- YOU.  

Contact us today to get started and bring clarity to your organization’s CX strategy!